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Importance of Scheduling Preventative HVAC Maintenance this Summer in Brooklyn, NY

Just like your car, your HVAC system requires a regular tune up and yearly maintenance. This helps maintain your HVAC unit’s efficiency and longevity. By neglecting your HVAC unit you will eventually encounter costly repairs, higher power bills or even need a full replacement of your unit, which can cost thousands of dollars. Agape Air…

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How to Keep Drain Pipes Clean & Prevent Hair in Clogged Drains in Flushing, NY

Clogs within your home’s plumbing can easily become a complete disaster, especially when left unchecked. For those home owners who regularly clean their drains of any obstruction and use drain cleaning agents will most likely suffer from fewer drainage clogs. However how many homeowners’ actually take the time to maintain clean drains? Very few will,…

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