How Long Do Condensers Last? Home AC Condenser Unit Replacement in Forest Hills, NY

The condenser is a major component of the air conditioner that works with the entire HVAC system to help cool the inside of a home or building. In short, the way an air conditioner works is that is uses the warm air that is then taken into the air conditioner and through several systems. The warm air is cooled using refrigerant. Refrigerant is a chemical that blends and absorbs the warm air and creates cool air which is what circulates throughout the building. However, during this cooling process the heat can build up inside and need to be released. This is why a condenser is usually very hot. It is the condenser’s job to exchange the warm air with the cool air. Without a fully functioning condenser, the entire air conditioning system could be at risk. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will explain how important the condenser of the air conditioner is and let you know if you should have your condenser replaced.

Leading Causes of Air Conditioner Problems

One of the leading causes of an air conditioner breaking down is because the condenser has failed. When the condenser fails, the air conditioner’s various components can begin to overheat. When the condenser breaks down, a technician can and often does replace the condenser. However, one of the major problems of having the condenser replaced is that very often the components are mismatched and then becomes more of a short time fix. It is essential that the component is the same. Using a different condenser can cause the rest of the air conditioner to suffer. This becomes a common problem with an older unit. Older unit parts are becoming much harder to find since many parts are no longer made. If the homeowner doesn’t want to replace the entire air conditioning unit, they will settle for replacing it with a mismatched condenser. While this will work for a time, eventually your entire air conditioner unit will fail, so you might want to start saving for a new unit. If you have a modern air conditioning unit and parts are available, then it is wise to replace the broken condenser versus replacing the entire air conditioner.

How to Tell if AC Condenser is Bad

Some basic signs your air conditioner’s condenser has failed is insufficient cooling of the building. When the inside of the building appears not to cool down or takes a lot longer than usual to cool down, this is a sign the condenser is broken or going out. Another sign is when refrigerant is leaking around the condenser. The condenser is connected to the refrigerant line and if the condenser cracks or breaks, refrigerant will begin to leak out of the condenser. Ice may even build up around the air conditioner or the condenser. The compressor may even begin to overheat. When a condenser goes out, it will make a loud noise when the air conditioner is running.

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If your air conditioner’s condenser has failed, you need an experienced HVAC technician to inspect and make sure your air conditioner receives the right replacement. To help prevent component failure, make sure to have your air conditioner serviced every six months. For all of your HVAC and plumbing needs, contact Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today.

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