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Life Expectancy of Residential Boiler & Replacement Compatibility in Your Far Rockaway, NY House

Boiler life expectancy ranges from about 8-10 years for an electrical boiler and 10-15 years for a traditional gas boiler that has been well maintained and serviced yearly. Has your home’s boiler recently gone out and you are seeking a replacement? When replacing a boiler there can be a lot of questions that homeowners want…

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Causes of Weak Air Flow HVAC Problems in Cambria Heights, NY; Blocked Vent, Clogged Filters & More

Adequate airflow is an essential part of the operation of the HVAC system, without proper airflow, there are other affects that trickle throughout the system. When you experience poor airflow or airflow related problems with the HVAC system, you are likely to notice hot and cold spots in the home, pressure imbalance caused by draft…

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