Furnace Flame Sensor Troubleshooting in The Bronx, NY; How to Tell if Dirty or Bad & Needs Cleaning or Replacement

It is very common to dwell on the worst-case scenarios, suffering in a freezing home or spending thousands of dollars on a new system when the furnace takes a dive and doesn’t operate to its full potential. Fortunately, most repairs are relatively simple and inexpensive, though there are exceptions. One of the issues that impair the function of a furnace is a dirty flame sensor. The good news, is that this part of the furnace is fixable in most situations. Today, we at Agape Air Conditioning & Plumbing would like to take the opportunity to share the affect a dirty flame sensor has on your furnace.

How Does a Flame Sensor Work?

Inside a furnace, the flame sensor is an important safety feature. The pilot flame is monitored by the flame sensor, which is a thin, metal rod. The flame sensor will turn the unit off to prevent natural gas from leaking into the home, in the event the pilot flame goes out. The gas will not burn and will seep out of the furnace should the pilot light goes out, but the gas valve remains open without the flame sensor. Gas poisoning or even an explosion is the potential result of this a dangerous situation.

How to Tell if a Flame Sensor is Bad

It can become more of a nuisance than a safety feature in the event the flame sensor is faulty. The performance is affected and turns your furnace off unnecessarily due to the small particles that can accumulate on the sensor over time. A flame sensor can be cleaned and restored to proper working order in most cases, fortunately. However, a licensed HVAC professional should be the only one to attempt this fairly delicate process. Additionally, this is a job that is frequently included in a furnace maintenance or tune-up package. Unfortunately, in some instances, the component needs to be replaced for your furnace to run effectively should the problem be more severe than a dirty flame sensor. Being much cheaper than replacing the entire unit, this scenario is a fairly quick service appointment.

Dirty Furnace Flame Sensor

Among the most common reasons why a furnace refuses to turn or stay on is a dirty flame sensor. Your furnace should return to running consistently and safely once cleaning or replacing the flame sensor. When it comes to your New York home’s furnace needs, the professionals of Agape Air Conditioning & Plumbing are readily available to assist you. You can prevent a dirty flame sensor from impacting your furnace. Though the furnace tune-ups are optimally done in the late spring or early fall, it is never too late to get it done. If you have not gotten your furnace serviced yet, call the friendly office of Agape Air Conditioning & Plumbing and let our certified technicians assist you.

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