How to Prevent Clogged Drains & Keep Toilets & Sinks Clean & Clear in Jackson Heights, NY

Having a drain clogged in the bathroom can be a fairly obnoxious event. Generally, it is recommended that people rely on a plunger, muscle, and some patience to resolve the drained clogged. Unfortunately, too many homeowners are programmed to reach for the liquid drain cleaners that are conveniently placed on most department and grocery store shelves. These products are marketed to have you believe they are go to method to taking care of any bathroom clog and can be used to remedy any clogged drain in your home. Most professionals avoid the liquid drain cleaners and encourage their customers to avoid them as well. These products are not as effective as you may have come to believe and in fact, they are proven to be more harmful to your plumbing than beneficial in addition to be highly toxic and causing negative impact on the environment. We at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on why you are better off avoiding the liquid drain cleaner.

Why Drain Cleaner is Bad for Water & Sewer Pipes

Drain Cleaner Didn’t Work?: Sometimes, drain cleaners are referenced to as drain openers, which is a more accurate representation. The product doesn’t completely remove the clog like a professional plumber with a drain snake or a hydro jet would, but it does cut through one. The cleaner itself adds to the buildup; lingering in the pipes, contributing to a new clog causing you to reach for the liquid drain cleaner again.
Drain Cleaners Damage Plumbing Pipes: The liquid drain cleaners comprise of acid compounds in order to cut through the clogs that give you the illusion it is working. As the acid melts through the clog it begins to eat the metal and plastic of drainpipes. As previously mentioned, the products linger in the pipes, allowing the acids to continue to weaken the pipes. Eventually, the pipes are susceptible to breakages and leaks because of the corrosion within your plumbing pipes. The chemical drain cleaner will rest in your pipes even longer with the heavier clogs, resulting in even worse effects.
Drain Cleaners are Hazardous: Due to the acidic content of being capable of eating through clogs plastic and even metal piping, it goes without saying that these products are highly toxic, making them very hazardous. Chemicals that can be harmful on your skin or anywhere near your eyes, such as lye and sulfuric acid are frequently found in the ingredients. After pouring liquid drain cleaner down the bathroom sink or the bathtub, the vapors that rise in the air can be harmful, which assaults your respiratory system and eyes.
Drains Cleaners are Harmful to the Environment: Any product that is hazardous to your health and can damage your plumbing is highly likely to negatively impact the environment. Some of the product residues will remain behind in the bottle after you have finished with it. After you have trashed it, it is deposited into a landfill where the chemical seeps into the ground, perhaps even in groundwater where acidic chemicals will harm the nature.

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