Should I Turn My Furnace Off in the Spring in Hempstead, NY? Won’t Kick on By Accident & More

The weather is starting to get warm and the sun seems to be shining more and more. The spring is the time that the day is longer and the plants and flowers are in full bloom. This means that people are getting their house cleaned out and the kids are spending more time outside. It also is the time of year that people are focusing on their air conditioner. It is important to have your AC unit maintained, inspected and repaired. It will be running through the spring and summer and needs to be in good working condition. Having a tune up before you start using your air conditioner is a great way to ensure that it is running efficiently as well. Although most of the emphasis is on the air conditioner, the furnace and heating unit is still in the house and the thought is what to do with it in the spring and summer.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Explains Why You Want to Shut Off Your Furnace This Spring

What Does it Mean to Turn Off Your Furnace?: When it comes to your furnace most people will go over to the thermostat and switch it from heat to cool. They assume that this means it is shut off. Although this will prevent the heater from kicking on it does not mean that the furnace is shut off. The furnace is an appliance that has a pilot light that is running all year long unless you take the steps to shut off the unit and the pilot light as well. The gas that is being sent to the unit must be turned off to prevent a leak. There are some great benefits when you shut off your furnace when it is not being used.
Turning Furnace Off Saves Money & Energy: When you have a unit that is being run by gas which many are, it is constantly using a stream of gas. The pilot lights stays lit at all times whether the furnace kicks on and is actually heating or if it is standing still. The pilot light is burning a steady stream of gas that you are paying for. If you shut off the pilot light and seal off the gas you will save money on your gas bill. It can save you around $50 a year on your bills. This is enough to fill up a tank of gas or take the family out to dinner. The other added benefit is that you will not be wasting energy either.
Furnace Won’t Accidentally Kick On: Have you ever been at the house and realized that it feels warmer than you expected. If you have kids in the house that play with the thermostat they may accidentally switch it to heat. If they do the house will start to warm up if the furnace is not shut down. It can end up costing you money because you will then have to pay to cool the house all the way back down to a comfortable level.

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