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We no longer live in a world that we can leave the front door unlocked or our belongings out. There are more and more people that will steal anything in sight. The times call for more security for your home and other belongings. It is also important to know what thieves could even be after. Your air conditioning unit is something that you don’t worry about but is actually targeted. The trouble is that your AC unit is outside the house and just sitting on the ground. There is not a lot that comes standard in the way of security. The part of the system that is outside the house is not the whole thing but has some components in it that a thief may be after. They are not usually taking the unit to their house to use but are taking these components and using them to sell or trade for cash. Scrapping metal like copper is big business and the AC unit has enough to make a pretty penny.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Outlines What You Can Do To Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit From Theft

Install An AC Unit Cage: If you want to keep your dog from getting out while you’re not home you can use a kennel. This is a metal cage that is used to secure the dog so they are not able to cause any trouble. The same set up is something that can help with securing your air conditioning unit. There are products that are available so that there is a metal cage that is surrounding the unit and ensuring that any pieces and parts are not removable unless the cage is opened. You can use a secure lock to close the door and keep the key in the house. The cage should remained locked at all times and you want to occasionally check to ensure there is not damage. Also keep in mind that the cage will need to be unlocked if you have a technician out to do any maintenance, repairs or inspections. You need to go out and lock the cage up after the technician has completed his work.
Lights Deter AC Thieves: The air conditioning unit is installed on the outside of the house and usually on the side that is not used. There isn’t a gate to the backyard or an entrance to the house either. That means that this side of the house is not used and lights will be very minimal. If you want to prevent someone from getting on the side of your house and working without being noticed you can have lights installed. The great thing is that lights can be activated by movement and will pop on giving the effect that someone is home and has noticed activity. The would be thief will often flee rather than face the consequences.
Clear Away Debris from Outside Condenser AC Unit: Thieves are often looking to work in an area that is hidden from the view of passerby’s. That means that the side of your house that might be full of overgrown bushes and other debris is perfect. It is best to ensure that you clean out this side of the house so that there is not a place to hide while someone is trying to steal your unit.

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