How to Clean Air Conditioning Condenser Coils Outside Your Midtown Manhattan, NY House

Anyone that has searched online for answers as to why their air conditioner unit is not operating or performing to its full potential has probably seen “dirty coils” as a common reason for cause. Like any other surface, the coils buildup dirt and debris. After a time, the accumulation will hinder the efficiency and continued neglect will eventually cause the air conditioner to break down all together. Cleaning the coils is essential to preserve the condition of the air conditioner, its efficiency, and to keep it operating to its projected lifespan in addition to other maintenance tasks. Today, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing would like to go over the cleaning basics of your air conditioner’s coils.

Importance of Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

There are a number of benefits to maintaining a clean air conditioning system. Clean coils promote an easier cooling process. The less buildup that is impeding the process makes the air conditioning unit function more efficiently. The more money and energy you save the less your unit has to work. Repairs can quickly become expensive, especially when replacement parts are needed and a properly maintained unit can minimize the need for them. Preventative maintenance, including the coils, saves money on repairs. Properly maintained air conditioning units last to their expected lifespan and beyond. Neglected units only cause the need for repairs which will inevitably reduce the lifespan of your unit, requiring you to replace the unit far too soon.

Clean Air Conditioner Coils Regularly

Depending on various circumstances dictates how frequently you should clean the unit’s coils. Typically, the air conditioning coils should be cleaned well once a year. Those that live in above average windy and dusty climates should clean their air conditioner coils more often. Older units and those that depend on their unit heavily should also clean their units more often as well. Also, if your unit is not operating as it should, cleaning the coils may be the remedy.

How to Clean AC Condenser Coils

Do not be aggressive when cleaning the air conditioner condenser coils. Too much pressure or using the wrong implements can cause the coils to bend or break as they are fairly delicate; which can be a pricey replacement. Generally, hosing down the coils is enough to clear off the dirt and debris. If the coils have accumulated compacted soil and debris that does not spray clean, invest in a professional cleaning. Professionals can ensure they are not damaged and still properly cleaned. Cleaning the air conditioner coils may seem insignificant, but it is one of the ideal preventative measures to ensure that the air conditioner unit is fully operational. Neglecting the coils will cause the dirt and debris to buildup and hinder its performance; leading to costly repairs.

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If you are uncomfortable with cleaning the coils yourself, a professional can be hired to do so. However, most companies include the air conditioner’s condenser coil cleaning in their tune-up or maintenance service. Professional services are equally important and if you prefer a professional take care of the cleaning, it is in your better interest to get your unit tuned up as well. If you are in need of professional maintenance for your air conditioner in time for the upcoming season, call Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing and let our professionals do the rest.

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