Why is Water Leaking from the Top or Bottom of My Water Heater in College Point, NY?

Your house has a water heater that is part of the appliances that make life easier. The water heater helps when you use any sinks, showers, dishwashers and washing machines to name a few. The water heater is a tank that is usually housed in the garage or basement. It is full of water that has a gas or electrical device that will heat the water that is in the tank. As you use the water in the tank like taking a hot shower it will fill back up and re-heat back up to the set temperature. The water temperature can be adjusted on the unit if you want to lower your high end of the heat. The water heater is a benefit to have in your house but there are some problems if you end up with a leak. Water damage is a major problem and can cause mold and mildew in your home. It can also cause damage to your personal belongings that may be hard to impossible to repair. You should know how the water heater might end up leaking and what you should do about it.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Outlines Where Your Water Heater May Be Leaking from Top to Bottom

Leaking from Cold Water Inlet or Hot Water Outlet: There is a connection to the tank that allows water to come in the tank when it needs to be refilled. There is another connection that is used to send the heated water in the house when you need it. These connections need to be sealed and connected properly so that there is not a leak. If you start to notice that there is a leak at any of these connections you want to make sure that you make the repair right away. Even a small leak can end up causing a lot of damage. Even if the connections are done right over time they can become worn and end up leaking. You may need to have the seals changed out or the connection may just need to be tightened.
Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Leaking: The tank is full of water as well as heat that will create pressure. The pressure has to be monitored so that there is not a problem later. There is often times too much pressure from the heat that is being created and the valve will allow the pressure to be released. Sometimes this valve is not allowing the pressure to release properly and that will create water to come out as well. The water leaking from this valve is a problem and you want to have the valve replaced to keep it from continuing to leak.
Water Heater Leaking from Bottom: The tank has water that is being pushed into it from the water that you get from the city or county water source. This water usually is full of sediment that will start to build up. The sediment that is being built up in your water heater needs to be drained and cleaned out. If it is not cleaned out the sediment can cause erosion of the tank that will start to leak water. You will need to drain the whole tank with a hose and replace the tank.

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