Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced in Astoria, NY; Old Age, Frequent Repairs & More

There comes a time when a home will need to have their air conditioner unit replaced. When replacing your air conditioner unit you are also upgrading to a more effective and efficient cooling system. When replacing the air conditioner you will find there are many benefits. If you think it’s time to replace your air conditioner, but not sure if it is a wise investment, Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share what signs to watch for and how you will benefit from an air conditioner upgrade.

Age of Air Conditioner

One major sign that it may be time to replace and upgrade your air conditioner is the age of your current unit. Old air conditioners will have more and more problems as it ages. Additionally, old air conditioner units are not designed to be nearly as efficient as modern units are, which is why it is considered an upgrade. As an air conditioner unit ages, it is only a matter of time before it breaks down. For those homes that are still using an air conditioner that is 15 years or older, that is often enough of a sign that it is time to upgrade.

Air Conditioner Keeps Needing Repair

When an air conditioner begins to develop problems leading to costly repairs, the homeowner will need to weigh the cost of repairing to the cost of replacing the air conditioner. Some air conditioner repairs can be very costly. Depending on the primary wear of the air conditioner component, you might notice you are spending money on repairs that can be about 50% or more of an air conditioner replacement. Once repairs begin to occur, more particularly on older units, repair needs will continue. If your air conditioner unit is costing 50% or more in repair, then consider replacing your air conditioner versus repairing.

AC Refrigerant Type

The types of refrigerant your air conditioner is designed to use can be another sign you may want to upgrade your air conditioner unit. The older refrigerants are being phased out as they were found to damage our ozone and cause pollution. Newer air conditioners use new refrigerants that are more friendly to our environment. If you have a needed refrigerant for an older unit, you may not be able to find the right type of refrigerant to refill the air conditioner. Some company’s may still have a supply of the older refrigerants but they will charge more as it is a limited supply.

New AC Saves You Money on Power Bills

If your power bill each summer is through the roof, and you are looking for better way to manage your power bill, an air conditioner upgrade may be the answer. Air conditioners that are old or have worn down components will cost you more money to run. If you need to lower your monthly power bill then upgrade your air conditioner. A new and more efficient unit will help you save money each month and for years to come.

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