How Long Does Refrigerant Last in a Central Air Conditioning Unit in Elmhurst, NY? Do You Have to Add After a Leak?

If you have a central air conditioning system for your home, it has a substance in it called refrigerant. This liquid gold is what works to keep your home cool even when you are experiencing record high temperatures outside. Without it, your unit wouldn’t be able to keep your home cool no matter how hard it tried. Because refrigerant is so important to your unit, it leaves some homeowners wondering how long this liquid gold should last. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is here to talk about the lifespan of refrigerant and some signs that there could be a problem.

Refrigerant is Long Lasting

When you have a central air conditioner, you can count on your refrigerant lasting as long as the unit. Your air conditioner is a closed system so the refrigerant isn’t going to go anywhere, but rather, will be cycled through your system over and over again. You don’t have to generally worry about low refrigerant levels unless there is a problem with your system or it’s time to replace it all together. If you have low levels, it can only mean one thing; there is a leak somewhere in your system. Refrigerant is an expensive thing to constantly replace without addressing the leak first. If you find out there is leak somewhere, the first thing that should be done is to fix that. The only problem is that leaks can be hard to locate at times, and you may find that it is nearly impossible.

How to Avoid HVAC Leaking Refrigerant

Unfortunately, as your air conditioning system gets older, it is very common for a leak to develop. The way that Freon works is to pass through the tubing with high pressure. Over time, it just starts to wear away at that tubing and you can find leaks develop. It is important to note that even if you have a leak that develops, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace the unit. You can call on an HVAC professional and many leaks can be completely fixed. Once the leak is fixed, the Freon can be recharged and your unit should work just fine.

Symptoms of Low Refrigerant in AC Unit

The important thing to emphasize here is that the earlier you detect the leak, the higher the chances of fixing it will be. Following are some of the signs that are present when you are low on refrigerant.
– No cool air is coming from the vents when the AC is on
– Your AC blows cold during the night, but warm during the day
– There is frost built up on the coils
– Water is found on the floor next to the unit due to condensation

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If you notice any of the signs listed above, you are going to need the help of the professionals at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to inspect your unit. Call us today!

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