Do I Need to Replace the Failing Compressor in My Central Air Conditioner Condenser Unit in Jamaica, NY?

The HVAC system is derived from many parts, appliances and other elements. As an assortment of components working together, the air conditioning unit is among the most primary parts. The components help make your home cool and comfortable as they work in harmony within the air conditioner. The compressor component, one of many, that is absolutely essential to accomplish a cool and comfortable home or business. Bearing this in mind, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing would like to take the opportunity to further discuss the function and potential issues of the air conditioner’s air compressor.

AC Compressor Working Principle

As part of the compressor’s job, the temperature of the refrigerant rises. By squeezing and increasing the pressure put on the refrigerant, this is accomplished. Moving throughout the system, the refrigerant, in the liquid state, circulates after the temperature is raised to a certain point above the temperature of its surroundings. After the refrigerant is heated, it will then begin to move throughout the condenser coils on the outside unit. Through this process, the heat in the air is absorbed by the refrigerant, which is then released into the outdoors. In conclusion of the process, the air left inside your home is cool and comfortable.

AC Compressor Failure Symptoms

The air conditioner compressor is often referred to as the heart of the air conditioning unit, and rightly so. Without the component that initiates the heating of the refrigerant, the entire air conditioning cycle would not be able to continue functioning. If you are facing an AC compressor problem, a domino effect occurs, and things can break down very fast. Should your compressor not be working at all, there can be several contributing factors. Among the most common issues is the lack of electricity to the unit. In the event that you notice any of the following below, the compressor can be a likely suspect.
– Unit is insufficiently cooling to its full potential
– Either too high or too low of air discharge
– Air conditioner unit starts up with a stutter

How to Prevent Air Conditioner Compressor not Turning On

When it comes to your air conditioner compressor, there are some issues that can be prevented. Low refrigerant, dirty coils, improper suction line sizes, obstructions in suction lines, electrical concerns, too much refrigerant, within the system contaminates, and inadequate oil lubricant. With routine maintenance, most of these concerns can be avoided. Along with changing your filter regularly, having a professional tune-up can help. Professionals will clear out any obstructions, ensure the air conditioner is clean, makes certain the refrigerant is charged correctly, lube is efficient, system contaminants are removed, electrical systems is checked, and the overall system is healthy and in condition.

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