When Should You Heat from Auxiliary to Emergency on Your Heat Pump in Manhattan, NYC?

The cold temperatures outside mean you are using your HVAC system to heat your home. The weather outside is not something you can change and that is why having a warm place to go so that you can warm up is important. The system you have might be a boiler, furnace or part of the central HVAC system. When the weather goes from warm to cold most people will head over to the thermostat to go over the settings. You have to manually switch the thermostat from cool to heat in order for it to run properly. You also want to make sure that you set the temperature so that it is warm enough for you to be comfortable. The way that you set it is different compared to how you would do it in the summer months. The colder the temperature is outside the house, the harder your unit will have to work in order to keep your house comfortable. There is a setting that is on your thermostat that you may not realize is there and what it is even for. There is an emergency heat setting that may sound frightening but it is very useful.

Agape Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing Explains What Emergency Heat is & When it is Necessary

What Is Emergency Heat: One of the things you might notice that there is a setting that says emergency heat or EM heat. This is a part of the system that you don’t usually need to worry about but will work when it is necessary. There are some temperatures outside that make it so that the standard heating pump will not be able to work. If the temperatures outside reach about 35 degrees or lower the unit is not able to remove the cold from the air outside. That means that the air that is in your home will not be warm enough. This is when the emergency heat comes into play. It is just a great way to keep your home warm so that you are not suffering in the dead of winter.
How Does Emergency Heat Work: The emergency heat is part of the heat pump heating system that you are using in your home. Some people may think that they need to turn on the emergency heat but that is not a necessity. As long as your heating system is in good working condition the emergency heat will work when needed. The regular heating element may not be able to pull the cold air out and that is why the emergency heat will kick in. The emergency heat is something that uses a different element to heat up the air. It can use electrical heat, oil or even gas to warm up the air. This will warm the air up so that you don’t have to worry about the house being cold when the temperatures are unmanageable outside.

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