What Causes the Gas Water Heater Reset Button to Keep Tripping the ECO in New Rochelle, NY

To help you maintain the consistency of the water temperature, there are thermostat controls on your water heater. The expert recommendation setting for the temperature is to have it set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 120 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria as well keeping it from not being hot enough to pose a serious scalding hazard. In the event the water in your water heater tank experiences overheating due to a number of causes, the emergency cut off (ECO) will kick in to shut down the appliance completely for safety. Attached to the upper thermostat is generally where the red reset button on the ECO is located; you need to press this button to reset the water heater. It is typically not a concern if your water heater needs to be reset on a rare occasion, however, if the ECO is repeatedly tripped by the water heater, you will need the expertise of a professional. A failed component is frequently the culprit that is making the water dangerously hot, causing the issue and a professional will need to identify and replace the part. We at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing would like to take an opportunity to list a few of the common reasons as to why the water is continually tripping.

What Causes the Reset Button on a Gas Water Heater to Trip?

1) A faulty water heater thermostat. There are two thermostats for a water heater. One thermostat is on top of the tank, the other is located at the bottom and one or both could be experiencing problems. Responsible for controlling the heating element and the temperature of the water, both thermostats are designed to shut the heating element off once the water reaches the set temperature. The heating element will run continuously, thus overheating the water in the tank if one or both thermostats are inoperable.
2) In ineffective ECO on a water heater. Susceptible to failure is the emergency cut off, or ECO, as we mentioned earlier. Spontaneous breakdown, regular wear and tear from repeated overheating, and other similar causes could be why the ECO will fail. A professional can easily replace the ECO.
3) A worn heating element. Because of daily use, over time the heating element will eventually wear out. Generally, the heating element will cease to operate all together; however, it can occasionally cause an electrical short leading to the heating element to receive power even after the thermostat shuts it down.
4) Faulty wiring. A loose wiring connection could be is conceivably making another source of heat inside your water heater, particularly if the thermostats, heating elements, and ECO are all operating insufficiently. It presents a serious problem as it has the potential risk of electrical shock and even igniting a fire in addition to the excessive of the repeated ECO trip. To determine if your water heater is suffering from wiring problems and make the necessary repairs, a trained professional can run diagnosis and perform a comprehensive inspection.

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