Is a Furnace Tune Up Worth it in Whitestone, NY? Catch Heating Problems Early, Safety, Protect HVAC Warranty & More

With the summer season heat quickly fading here in New York we briefly can enjoy the milder 70 degree temperatures. With our cold nights and mild day winter on the horizon, now is the time to be preparing your home and your heating system for our long and cold winters. Tuning-up your furnace can prevent unexpected failures and repairs when you need it most. To ensure you have a reliable heating system, Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share why it is important to have your furnace tuned-up.

Catch Heating Problems Early

Now is the best time to tune-up your furnace. Many homeowners have already begun using their heating systems to ward off the cold nights. By having your furnace tuned-up before the major heating season, you may be discovering some unknown problems from the previous season. During a furnace tune-up an HVAC technician will look for any components that may need repair or replacement to prevent complete failure and ensure your furnace is reliable. If there is any problem present you can have them repaired now.

Furnace Tune Up for Safety

There are a few components to a furnace that if damaged, could cause major safety concerns. One of the first major safety concerns is the furnace’s heat exchangers. If there is a crack in the heat exchanger, it can potentially release carbon monoxide into the home, poisoning the household. During a furnace tune-up the heat exchangers are inspected for cracks or leaks to ensure safety of the household.

Cleaning & Lubrication of Furnace

When a furnace is tuned-up the furnace is cleaned. Dust and debris from the entire system is removed. All moving parts are also lubricated. When the furnace is cleaned and lubricated, it runs much more effectively, which in turn enhances the furnace performance. With better performance comes savings and a longer lasting heating system. Maintenance is key in improving your furnace’s lifespan as well as decreasing your heating bill.

Furnace Performance Report

During a furnace tune-up, the technician will prove an overall performance report. A technician will run the furnace through a number of different performance tests to ensure the furnace and its operating system is at top efficiency. In the event something was missed during the tune-up, the performance test can help point them out. You will receive a copy of the performance tests and the current state of the furnace. In the case of an older furnace a performance test can better help you determine when future furnace replacement may take place.

Protect HVAC Warranty

A number of furnace warranties will require regular tune-ups and maintenance or you could void your warranty. The homeowner is often required to properly maintain their furnace or if neglected, can lead to cancellation of your warranty. Not only does the warranty require regular maintenance, it must also be performed by a licensed HVAC technician. After proper maintenance, and should a major component go wrong, the warranty must cover the cost of repair or replacement of the furnace.

Furnace Tune Up Preventive Maintenance & More in Bedford Hills, Manhattan, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & The Bronx, New York

Furnace tune-ups are essential for the longevity of your furnace. For a reliable heating system this winter, contact Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing and schedule your furnace tune-up today.

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