Does Outside Temperature Affect Central Air Conditioner in Rego Park, NY? Humidity, Flooding Rain Damage & More

When it comes to the summer months there are a few things that tend to go hand in hand. Swimming and time at the pool is a major past time. Barbeques and food with friends and family and of course taking time to go on vacation. This can be a road trip to your favorite place or it can be a flight to see family and friends. Another staple of the summer months is your air conditioner. This may seem odd to have an appliance be a part of your summer theme but it is very important. Everyone wants to have a place that they can go to cool off after a hot day out in the sun. This is why you want to have a home that has a good working air conditioning unit. You should know more about how the weather outside can have an effect on the way that your AC unit is able to work. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing outlines how different weather can affect your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Humidity Problems

One of the things that makes a hot summer day feel even hotter is when there is a high level if humidity. This is the moisture that is in the air and it can make you feel sweaty and sticky as you make your way out of the house. The other thing that you will tend to see is that the house inside will also feel sticky if you do not have an dehumidifier in the home. The humidity has a damper on the unit and the way that it is going to cool the house down. The humidity can make it feel like the house is not getting down to the coolness level but in fact the humidity is making it feel that way. The reality is that the unit is still working well and should not be slowed down much due to humidity.

How Does Extreme Heat Affect Air Conditioner

There are lots of areas that get heat in the summer that is extreme. The high 90’s happens to be when your air conditioner is working at its highest level to cool the house. When the air outside gets over 100 degrees outside the air conditioning unit has a hard time cooling the house down. The issue is that most people will start to lower the temperature in the house trying to get it to cool down but it will just make the unit work harder and not get a better result. When the unit is overused it will clog the filters faster and the fan outside the house will be covered with debris. You want to make sure you use secondary ways to cool the house during these extremely hot days.

Will Rain Damage an Air Conditioning Unit?

During the summer months it seems that there are always part of the time that rain is in abundance. When the rains start to fall you may be concerned about your air conditioning unit. The great thing is that the unit can stand out well in the rain but if there is flooding it can be problematic. If there is flooding and your unit is submerged somewhat you want to shut it down.

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