How to Winterize & Prepare Central Air Conditioner for Winter in Ozone Park, NY; Cover AC Condenser & More

As we start to feel that chill in the air, many of us feel relieved to have some reprieve from the heat of the summer. While there are several people that dislike the winter months, there is no doubt that fall is usually welcomed with open arms. One of the reasons for it is that you can turn off your AC that has been running almost around the clock to keep you comfortable during the heat of the summer. Before you switch that thermostat in the off position, you need to take a few steps in preparing your outside unit for the winter. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is here to walk you through the process.

Importance of Preparing Your Outside AC Condenser Unit for Winter

It’s no secret that the winters in NY can be brutal. This is why it’s so important to winterize your outdoor AC unit. Between the freezing rain, heavy snow and harsh temperatures, the elements can take a toll on your unit. When you take the time to properly care for your unit in the winter, you will prevent unnecessary repairs and extend its life.

Steps to Winterize Your AC Unit

Following are the steps you need to take to get your unit ready for the winter.
– Clean AC Condenser: Before you get started cleaning the unit, make sure the power is turned off to it. As you vacuum the dust and debris from the fins, if you notice that there are any that are slightly bent, you need to gently bend them back. To get to the inside of the unit, you will need to unscrew the top grill and set it aside. Now you will be gently lifting out the fan without disconnecting it. Once you have access to the inside, you will use a damp cloth to remove any debris and dirt. You will also want to gently spray the inside of the fins with your garden hose. Make sure you aren’t using any pressure when cleaning, but a gentle rinse.
– Clear the Area: If there are any weeds, trash or overgrown shrubs around your unit, you will want to clear them away. Your unit shouldn’t have anything near it so it can work properly. This is a good time to take inventory of what is around your unit and remove anything that shouldn’t be there.
– Cover AC Unit: It is important that you cover your unit with a waterproof covering. This could be a tarp, plastic sheet or even a cover that is specifically made for your AC unit. Make sure you check on it continually throughout the winter and remove any ice or snow that can start to build up on top of it.

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If you find that your unit isn’t working as it should, you can rely on the experts at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing to help you get it in tip top shape so it can work well for you throughout the rest of the warm season and the next. Call us today!

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