How Often Should a Boiler Be Cleaned, Tuned Up, Inspected & Serviced? Pros of a Boiler Tune Up in Queens Village, NY

In the State of New York, boiler systems are very common and are used in many homes and commercial buildings. Boilers, like air conditioners or furnaces, require routine tune-ups to ensure their reliability and efficiency. Boilers can develop a number of problems if neglected. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share the many benefits of boiler tune-ups.

Advantages of Boiler Tune Up

A boiler heating system may seem fairly basic and little maintenance is actually needed. However, a boiler just like any heating or cooling system, requires yearly maintenance. There are many benefits of a boiler tune-up such as:
• Early Detection of Boiler Problems – Detecting minor repairs or problems with the boiler system such as water leaks, too low or too high of pressure, or a dirty pilot light. Any minor or major issue that is detected during the inspection and tune-up process will be addressed. In this way you ensure your boiler will work through the cold winter.
• Boiler Inspection – During a tune-up, the heating element is inspected to ensure it is functioning correctly and there is no sign of erosion. If the heating element fails then the entire heating system will fail. The Heat element often requires replacement after every few years.
• Boiler Safety – Tune-ups can prevent many safety hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks, make sure the gas line integrity is not compromised, gas line obstructions are not present, and corrosion does not exist. All safety concerns are checked and if there are any red flags they can be addressed before any major problem occurs. Depending on how the boiler is fueled, gas or propane, leaks can get inside the home leading to poisoning, not to mention an extreme fire hazard.
• Efficient Boiler Function – With a tune-up the boiler system will be tuned so that it works at full efficiency and minor repairs are tended to prevent any future break downs. With a tune-up you will save on heating cost and the cost of future repairs.
• Increased Boiler Life Expectancy – Regular maintenance helps to improve the lifespan of the boiler and its components.

How Often Should a Boiler Be Cleaned, Tuned Up, Inspected & Serviced?

The boiler’s health and the safety and reliability of the heating system is insured with regular tune-ups. How often does a boiler need to be tuned-up to achieve all of its benefits? This is a common question asked. It is strongly recommended to have the boiler tuned-up once a year. The best time to schedule a boiler tune-up is just before the major heating season. As temperatures begin to drop, you will want a reliable heating system, especially during New York’s intense winters. Fall is the best time of the year to schedule a boiler tune-up. However, any time is a good time if you haven’t had your boiler tuned-up. With our temperature dipping down to the low 40’s, nights are beginning to get very cold and many people have already began using their boiler full time. If you haven’t had your boiler tuned-up yet, now is the time to schedule a boiler tune-up.

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If you need to schedule a boiler inspection and tune-up, contact Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing and schedule our services today.

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