How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Old Manhattan, NY Home or Basement

It seems that more and more people have trouble with asthma and allergies. Most people have triggers that they are aware of that cause their allergies to be a problem. You want to be able to have a space that you can go that is as free from allergens as you can. That place of course should be your home. All homes have some level of allergens that include dust, hair, dander and even mold that you want to be aware of. The air in your home can be controlled by you not only the temperature that you choose but also the level of quality as well. It is best to find what you can do to increase the quality of air that is being circulated in the house.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Lists How to Better Improve the Quality of Air in Your Home

Create Oxygen Rich Rooms in Your Home: You can increase the quality of air in your house by increasing the oxygen that in in the house. If you think about what creates oxygen, plants are the top of the list. That is why the amount of trees and plants that are on the earth are cared for and protected if possible. You can use them in your home as well for the same purpose. Bring in some potted plants and be sure that they have proper drainage and someone that will care for them. The other added benefit when you bring in some potted plants is that you are using them as part of your homes décor as well.
Windows Offer Fresh Air: It can be difficult to find times that you can open the windows of your home. When you are in the hot summer months you have the AC on full blast and you don’t want to open the windows to allow the hot air to rush in. In the winter the opposite is true because you want to keep your warm air in. The problem is that you need to allow fresh outdoor air in the house occasionally. That way the HVAC is not continuing to recirculate the air that is stuck inside. It can take just a few minutes to let some new air in the house. Be sure that you choose a nice calm day with no wind so that less allergens are floating around.
Clean Air Ducts & Filters: There are lots of allergens that can be floating around your house. They can be dust, dust mites, dirt, hair, dander and pollen that can be trapped in the house. These allergens will eventually go from the air in the house to the filter at the return air. When you allow the filter to stay too long the allergens will not stay in the filter but release back in the air. They can also become compacted in the air ducts. That is why you need to clean the air ducts professionally and change out your filters as well.

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