Performance of Refrigerant R22 vs R410A in Flushing, NY; Which Cools Better, Is More Efficient & More

The air conditioner requires refrigerant, often referenced to as Freon, a type of refrigerant, to produce the cool air. Many homeowners need the air conditioner operating at their full potential to survive the warm seasons New York can endure. However, many people are perplexed over the change in refrigerant and there is a misunderstanding between R22 and R410A refrigerant used in various air conditioner units. In an effort to help people better understand what is going on with refrigerant, we at Agape Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing would like to take the opportunity to discuss R22 refrigerant versus R410A refrigerant.

Refrigerant Used in AC These Days

Your heat pump or air conditioner relies on refrigerant in order to keep the temperatures inside at a comfortable level. Unlike a furnace that burns gas to fuel the power, the refrigerant runs on a continuous cycle. The air conditioner forces warm air out of the home during the air conditioning season and the heat pump forces warm air into the home during the heating season, all with the necessary need of refrigerant. Refrigerant is never-ending, as in it is not a consumable like fuel is in the car, it continues to cycle. If the refrigerant is not adequately charged, or has enough refrigerant, it likely has a leak, or less likely the installers did not charge the refrigerant. The refrigerant leak repair and recharge can only be done by a licensed professional. Due to the nature of the chemical, the refrigerant is not readily available for public use, therefor a professional can acquire the refrigerant and recharge your unit.

R22 Refrigerant Phase Out

The golden standard refrigerant in past decades was the R22 when it came to the HVAC refrigerant. As mentioned, this refrigerant was commonly known as Freon, which was the frequently used in most residential cooling systems. However, by January 1, 2015 R22 refrigerant was banned as the environment was harmfully impacted. Due to the banned, refrigerant is no longer being produced, making it difficult and pricy to acquire if your older unit requires it.

R410A Refrigerant Replacement

Though there are many consumers still dependent on R22, the replacement refrigerant R410A production is in full force. The R410A refrigerant is not only environmentally friendly but is a more efficient and affordable refrigerant for air conditioners. Making the switch to R410A refrigerant will decrease the energy consumption and increase your home’s comfort.

R22 Conversion to R410A

The transition from R22 refrigerant to R410A refrigerant, unfortunately, is not a simple one. Without undergoing an extensive and costly conversion process, most of the older R22 air conditioner systems can’t use R410A. A far quicker and more cost-effective solution to make the transition R410A is ultimately to replace your air conditioner with an upgrade. You will eventually see the return on the initial investment by saving on the energy bill, avoiding repairs from natural deterioration on older models, and not having to rely on the limited R22 supply.

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