Air Conditioner Makes Surging, Whooshing , Pulsating or Other Noise in Ozone Park, NY

When an air conditioner is wearing down or beginning to fail it will often tell you there is a problem. When an air conditioner and its many components are wearing down you may begin to hear faint noises or sometimes even really loud noises. When the air conditioner just doesn’t sound right now is the time to have your unit checked. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share how the various odd noises can help determine what’s wrong with your air conditioning unit and why it is important to repair the unit before complete failure.

AC Making Rattling or Clicking Noise

Is the air conditioner making rattling, squeaking or clanking noises? When an air conditioner begins making rattling noises it often indicates there are a few loose components within the air conditioner. Screws and bolts can come loose due to the high vibrations created when the air conditioner is running. Smaller components can come undone and need to be re-tightened right away. Even a small screw that came loose can make its way into the moving parts of the air conditioner and can cause major problems.

Squealing Noise from Air Conditioner

If you’re hearing a squeaking noise like metallic materials are scraping against each other, often a fan blade came loose and isn’t properly aligned. Another common culprit that creates a squeaking noise is a loose belt that needs to be replaced. Typically loud rattling, squeaking or clanking noises is a mechanical problem and requires repairs or component replacement.

Air Conditioner Making Gurgling Noise

Are you hearing a bubbling or hissing noise? If you’re hearing a bubbling or hissing noise this is often due to a leak. You can have an air leak where your cool air is being pushed out, most likely somewhere within the air duct, which causes a hissing sound. If you have a leak in the air duct it will result in poor efficiency and a high power bill. A bubbling sound is often due to a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks can pose a major problem for the entire cooling system. As the refrigerant leaks out the air conditioner unit can overheat and fail to cool the inside of the home. If you’re hearing a bubbling sound it is best to turn off the air conditioner and have it inspected for a refrigerant leak and hopefully repair the source of the leak.

AC Making a Humming or Buzzing Noise

When you’re hearing a humming or buzzing noise from your air conditioner unit it indicates an electrical problem. There is various electrical wiring within the HVAC system and sometimes the electrical wiring can come loose and cause the buzzing noise. Electrical problems can become a major issue and lead to frequent short circuits of the air conditioner unit. Electrical problems can be hard to determine but is usually easily repaired.

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When your air conditioner or HVAC system just doesn’t sound right it is a clear sign to have your HVAC system inspected. When your air conditioner or HVAC system begins making noise, contact an HVAC service and have an HVAC technician inspected your cooling system right away to prevent more severe problems and costly repairs or even total unit replacement. For quality HVAC and plumbing services, contact Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing and schedule our services today.

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