How a Central Air Conditioner Works in Whitestone, NY; Parts, Functions, AC Tune Up & More

Air conditioning is essential during the humid, hot summer months. Many people take the air conditioner for granted until it is not functioning or functioning well. With proper care and maintenance, your air conditioner can be properly functioning, energy efficient, and long lasting. Having repairs completed as quickly as possible can prevent the malfunction from spiraling down a destructive or a more costly failure. Today, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing would like help people understand how the air conditioner works.

Air Conditioner Parts & Functions

Traditionally, the air conditioner in your home consists of a compressor and condenser located in the outside unit, an evaporated coil, a part of the inside furnace, and the ductwork system that delivers the air. These three primary components operate together to remove the warm air from inside your home as it flows over a cooled, indoor coil. To deliver the cooled air to different areas inside your home the cooled air is expedited through your ductwork system. If the ducts are leaking from damage or an unsealed connection, much of the cooled air you paid for escapes.

Spring AC Tune Up

Depending in which climate you live, the air conditioner can sit dormant from 6-9 months. While dormant, the air conditioner unit outside should be covered to avoid damage by the elements and animal urine. In spring, the professionals should be called out to perform a tune-up where the system is cleaned, adjusted, and inspected for a thorough safe and efficient air conditioner. Most of the required repairs are due to improper and/or lack of maintenance. The cost-effective air conditioner maintenance service costs less than chronic repairs.

Cover & Winterize Air Conditioner

Winterizing the air conditioner is just as important as your annual tune-ups. If not shut down properly, it can result in damages over the long cold winter, so preparing the air conditioner for the winter is just as vital. For a variety of reasons, shutting down your AC system is recommended. It prevents the air conditioner from turning on accidentally during the winter, and if it does it can potentially cause water to enter the unit and freeze. A cover, when properly used, prevents the harsh winter elements from causing deterioration, rust, and moisture damage.

Installation of New Air Conditioning System

Depending on the quality of the manufacturing, how routinely it was maintained and cared for, as well as the impact any repairs may have happened, the air conditioner lasts generally 12-15 years. Additionally, you can potentially extend the life of your AC unit by 8-10 years if you ensure the air conditioner receives routine professional maintenance, care, and quality repairs. Your few indicators that the unit needs replacing is when the air conditioner suffers from frequent repairs in the last two seasons, is making abnormal noises, loses energy and performance efficiency, and age. If the unit demonstrates one or more of these signs, the unit will need to be replaced by a trusted professional.

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