Why You Should Never Neglect Plumbing Repair in Manhattan, NY; Water Waste, Clogs & More

When plumbing repairs pop up often many homeowners will put of repairing the problem for another day. However, there are consequences for neglecting plumbing repairs and even minor problems such as faucet leaks. Other problems such as clogs or slow drainage can lead to major problems if not cleaned out right away. There are a number of reasons why plumbing repairs should never be put off or neglected. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share why you should never put of plumbing repairs for another day down the road.

Plumbing Water Waste

When a pipe or faucet has a slow leak, don’t leave repairing the faucet for a future day. According to EPA 10% of a monthly water bill is due to leaks from pipes and faucets. Over the years you can lose as much as 10,000 gallons of water. As the leaks may seem minor, over time each drip adds up. Water waste is becoming a major issue which the homeowner can see on their monthly bill. To prevent water waste and a higher water bill make sure to have the leaks repaired as they develop.

Plumbing Health Concerns

Water leaks don’t just affect your bill but it can also affect your health. Dripping water is the breeding ground for mold and mildew that can soak into your cabinets and into the walls and ceiling. As mold expands they release spores into the air that can also cause minor to serious health problems depending on the mold. Leaking water doesn’t just cause mold and mildew, it also attracts pests. Cockroaches, rodents and even ants are attracted to moist area. Both cockroaches and rodents can carry and spread any number of diseases. To have a pest free home often you will find plumbing repair as part of the many remedies and/or aid for pest control.

Clogs & Costly Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repair or clogs can lead to major plumbing or structural repairs. Clogs can cause major backups which lead to major renovation if the home is exposed to sewage water. Clogs can also cause pipes to burst and cause flooding within the home. Small leaks can damage drywall and promotes mold growth which if left unchecked requires the water damaged materials to be removed and replaced. Small and large plumbing problems can and will lead to much bigger repairs.

Find a Plumber

There are a number of consequences when neglecting your plumbing repairs and needs. However, it is understood that many people don’t always find the time to get to their plumbing repairs right away, while others may lack the experience of plumbing repairs. Plumbing repairs isn’t just up to the homeowner. A professional plumbing service can help maintain your home’s plumbing and correct and repair the plumbing problems as they develop. Additionally, some plumbing problems such as re-piping, and sewer line cleaning isn’t an ordinary task and calls for a number of tools to address the problem. To help save the homeowner money, time, and a headache, seek professional plumbing repairs when the task is beyond your own ability.

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