Signs Your Central Air Conditioner is Going Out & Needs to Be Replaced in South Brooklyn, NY

Air conditioners are a necessity in New York homes. During the hot summer temperatures and increased humidity levels, the air conditioners are relied upon to ensure the indoors is comfortable. Like anything that relies on moving parts, air conditioners have an expected lifespan. Homeowners can expect to reach a projected lifespan, and potentially additional years, based on the quality of the unit as well as the extent of care and professional maintenance it received. When the air conditioner does need replacing, it is always nice to prepare for the cost of a replacement. Recognizing the signs when it is coming to the of the lifespan can help, and today, we at Agape Air Conditioner, Heating, and Plumbing would like to share these signs.

Increased Cost of Running Air Conditioner

The system loses its overall efficiency as it ages. With a rise in operation costs and incline in repairs, the unit becomes more expensive to maintain as the unit ages and is usually especially noticeable towards the end. Older units are not manufactured with the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) that are available now. Not only do the older units lose efficiency through wear and tear, but the continue to lose efficiency simply because it is outdated. If you notice an increase in your utility bills and other potential sources are ruled out, the older air conditioner is likely the culprit. Getting in touch with a reputable HVAC specialist can help start to price a unit that is high-quality and efficiency. On your next scheduled maintenance, ask the expert to assess the health of the unit to determine if the unit has another season or two in it to better save and plan your budget.

Age; How Long Does an Air Conditioner Last?

Typically, if an air conditioner is between 10-15 years, industry leaders agree that it is a better investment to replace the air conditioner as opposed to continue sinking money into repairs and maintenance, especially if repairs are becoming more and more frequent. Expecting the unit to retire is a lot easier to manage that wondering when the system will permanently fail. Regularly scheduled maintenance can keep the unit healthy and managing the performance as well as potentially increase the lifespan. If you are uncertain how old your air conditioner unit is, jot down the model and serial number and research the manufactured year online or call the manufacturer directly and ask them the age of the unit.

Decline in Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

Performance is another tell. Noticing the air conditioner needs repairs more often is obvious, however, sometimes the comfort indoors is more subtle. When the unit is coming to the end of its life, it cannot function to its operational standards. More often than not, before the air conditioner struggles to maintain the indoor temperatures, the humidity becomes harder for the unit to regulate. If the space feels clammy but cool, the coil is likely suffering, particularly if you notice the coils freezing over or even seeing mold growth.

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If you believe the air conditioner in your New York is closer to the end of the lifespan, or you simply know the unit has a season or two at best left in it, call Agape Air Conditioner, Heating, and Plumbing. Our specialists can help you get a replacement and install the unit proficiently or help you plan for a unit in the inevitable future. Contact us today!

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