Where is the AC Expansion Valve Located, How Does it Work & How to Replace a Bad Valve in Laurelton, NY?

There are parts of your home that you need to be able to live and be comfortable. One of the things that most homeowners rely heavily on is the temperature in their house to make sure they are comfortable. When it comes to your HVAC unit you want to make sure you know how it works and when you need to call a professional to make any needed repairs. You need to make sure you know what parts do what and when they are having an issue. That way you know when to call to have your unit repaired. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing outlines what the expansion valve is and why it is important.

How Does the AC Expansion Valve Work?

To understand the parts of the unit you have to know how the AC is cooling the house down. The unit has to use refrigerant to cool the house. The refrigerant will make its way through the system then it will change from a liquid to a gas then back to a liquid. The cooled down refrigerant moves around the system and is what attracts the heat in the home and brings it back out of the house. When the heat is removed the refrigerant will then transfer back to the liquid state again. It will continue to make that same trek over and over again. The heat is released but now the refrigerant is still warm and that means that it cannot be cooled back down yet. When the refrigerant is still too warm it has to be worked so that it can be used again and that is why there is an expansion valve in the unit. The expansion valve is able to get the warmed coolant smaller or the pressure removed so that the liquid can be cooled much faster. Once this is done the refrigerant can be cooled and remove more heat from the house.

How to Tell Your AC Expansion Valve is Bad

There are signs you can look for to tell that the expansion valve is not working or that it is damaged and malfunctioning. The valve is something that can cause trouble for the unit if it is not working right. The most common factors that usually mean your valve is bad is when you are not getting cooled air sent in the house. The other is that you can start to see that the coils on the outside of the unit are freezing over. You also could start to notice that the unit is running for long periods of time or that it is not shutting down at all. These all stem from the expansion valve not working and not sending cooled air in the house.

Air Conditioner Expansion Repair or Replacement

The AC expansion valve is a part that you can call your HVAC company out to fix. We can come out and determine if you are in need of a simple repair or if you need to have the part replaced. This is a part that is commonly found to have an issue and in need of replacement.

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