What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working? Troubleshooting Not Igniting & More in Far Rockaway, NY

The seasons are always changing and that means that you may quickly go from cooling your house down in the heat of the summer to trying to warm it back up in the winter. The fall is a great time of year where you may be in the right temperature range to just enjoy it and not have to use the HVAC unit at all. This is why it is a good time of year to have your furnace or heater looked over and inspected. You can avoid many problems when you have your furnace inspected and subsequently repaired. That does not mean you are out of the weeds and could still be seeing signs of problems later. You want to make sure you are educated so you know what to look for when it comes to signs of furnace trouble. Nothing is worse than your house staying cold on an already cold day outside. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing troubleshoots the most common problems with your furnace.

Pilot Light or Ignition on Furnace Won’t Light

One of the problems you might come across when you have a furnace to heat your home or office is that the starter will not function. There are two main types of furnaces that include an electric and a gas furnace. They are the same in the way that they have a starter that has to ignite in order to heat the air. If the starter is out on either type of unit you will not have air that is heated. The great thing is that if you have your furnace inspected and it is determined the pilot light on your gas furnace is the problem, it is often an easy fix. There are times that the pilot light will go out and all it needs is to be lit. This is a fix that can be done by a professional to ensure that there is not a larger issue. The electrical starter is something that can be replaced to get your home heated once again.

Dirty & Clogged Air Duct Channels

There is always time in between using the furnace that it will usually just sit. It is not needed when the air outdoors is already warm. The time that your furnace sits does not mean that it is safe from damage and or debris. The biggest issue is that over time the dirt and debris can start to clog and cover the channels. The channels are what is supposed to be used to move the air and if they are clogged the heat will not make it efficiently into your house. These channels will need to be cleared and cleaned.

Furnace Short Cycling

When it comes to your furnace you do not want to hear that it is frequently cycling. This has nothing to do with a bike and has to do with a problem that your unit is facing. Cycling refers to a unit that is going from on and off often and with little time in between. This is a sign that there is an issue that can include filters, restricted air flow or even a thermostat that is not functioning properly.

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