Residential Boiler Repair in Cambria Heights, NY for Kettling Noise, Leaking, No Heat & More

The boiler is a complex element to the heating system in your New York home. However, the boiler requires little maintenance and is very durable. When you do notice a problem, it is often a surprise, but with time, use, and wear, it can eventually occur. Should you own a boiler instead of a forced-air heating system like a furnace, the below issues we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing have listed. Knowing what you can expect can help you better recognize issues and get them repaired before the extent worsens and becomes more costly.

1) Boiler Kettling Noise

A major problem common to hot water boilers, kettling is a term used when the boiler makes a loud banging or rumbling sound. This term may be unrecognizable to a few but is commonly used in the industry to describe these sounds. The sounds should not be dismissed however and needs to be investigated by a professional as soon as possible to avoid an even more serious problem. Within the water supply, there is a disruption caused from a surplus of minerals. The mineral deposits change the pressure levels in the tank, generally due to the hard water. From dangerous levels that put your home at risk, a kettling may be more likely to spring a leak or suffer from dangerous levels.

2) Boiler Dripping & Leaking

When a boiler begins to leak, a more common issue than people think, should result in an emergency call to your trusted HVAC professional for immediate assistance. You’ve got a major problem on your hands; the leak is coming directly from the boiler tank. A replacement is required because the boiler has likely begun to corrode through. However, there are things that can be repaired from the boiler leaks, such as if it stems from a pressure relief valve or a pump. In some situations, the leaks are simply condensation.

3) Boiler Pilot Light Troubleshooting

Pilot lights in the past can be left running throughout the day and night so heat was always available. Modern boilers use this method, others however, use electronic ignition to heat water only when needed. You’ll need heating technicians to diagnose pilot and ignition system issues in the event you cannot light a pilot light on your own.

4) Boiler On But No Heat

There is really no telling what we may find when we get a call about no heat coming from a boiler. There are many possible problems to consider though the problem could have to do with ignition. A pump may be broken, the safety switch could be preventing the boiler from staying on, or the thermostat may be broken.

Emergency Boiler Repair & More in Bedford Hills, Manhattan, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & The Bronx, New York

In any case, when the boiler is not working, do not try to diagnose the issue yourself. Call Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing and our technicians can come to your location and find any underlying issues and make the necessary repairs to keep your boilers in working order inside your New York home. Call us today to get started on your boiler’s repair!

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