Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair or Replacement in Gerritsen Beach, NY; Chemical Smell, Loud Noise, Leaking Water & More

As we start to see more consistent stretches of cold weather, there’s a good chance most of us have turned our heating system on to keep our homes warm. The last thing you want is a boiler that isn’t working properly. It can not only leave you without heat, but you could experience other issues like frozen pipes and property damage as a result. When you have a problem with your boiler, there are likely signs that are present and indicate you need a professional. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing is here to talk about what you should look for if you suspect your boiler isn’t working properly.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair or Replacement

When your boiler isn’t working as it normally does, it can mean that you simply need it looked at by a professional to have a simple repair done. There are, however, times that your boiler may be beyond that, and you may be facing replacement. Here are the indicators that you should be looking for.
– Chemical or Other Smell from Boiler: When you are near your boiler and smell something unusual or foul, this can be your first sign of trouble. Whether you are smelling something burning like metal or plastic or smell something sulfurous, you need your boiler looked at immediately. This could mean there is a gas leak or overheating elements that are dangerous.
– Boiler Leaking Water: This is an obvious sign of trouble, and it can be difficult to find the source of a water leak. A professional can help you find out where the leak is coming from and what needs to be done to fix it though.
– Lukewarm Water: If your hot water is all of a sudden seemingly lukewarm rather than hot, it can be a problem with the boiler. There could be sediment built up in the boiler or your boiler may be on its way out.
– Boiler Making Loud Noise: You are likely used to the noise that your boiler makes when it starts working. When something isn’t working right, it can cause those noises to change. Any change should be looked at by a professional.
– Boiler Switching Off & On: If you find that your boiler keeps turning itself off before your home reaches the desired temperature, it could be due to overheating issues. Your boiler is designed to turn itself off when it starts to overheat. If the boiler is overheating, there is most definitely a problem that needs attention.

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