No Hot Water in Your South Brooklyn, NY House; Inspect Faucets, Test Water Heater, Bad Shower Valve & More

Most people enjoy their hot water and when the water shoots out nothing but cold water, it can be close to torture. Stepping into a shower and realizing the water is not getting hot, there are few things as startling and frustrating. In addition to it being uncomfortable and a major inconvenience, it also indicates there is a problem within your plumbing system. Today, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing would like to briefly discuss the likely culprits to having no hot water in the shower. There are a few places you can check to get to get to the bottom of the issue in the event you are stuck with cold water in the shower. Below are the top common problems that can be checked if you are experiencing cold water in the shower.

Audit Hot Water Usage

Think about how much hot water was used in your home recently before you get too concerned. There is a limited supply of hot water before the unit runs out and needs to refill in the event you have a tank water heater. Wait about 30 minutes and then try the shower again, if a few members of the household recently took showers or a hot-water appliance is running.

Inspect Hot Water Faucets

To determine if the cold water issue is limited to just your shower or it’s affecting the whole house can also be helpful. Test out the hot water of other tubs or sink faucets throughout the home. The problem is likely just with the shower in the event the other outlets seem to be operating efficiently. You can move on to one of the next two areas after you perform this quick inspection.

Test Hot Water Heater

It is time to find your water heater in the event the cold-water situation seems to be affecting the entire house. Make certain the temperature is set appropriately (around 120°F) and ensure the pilot light is on. Call a professional plumber right away should you notice any leaks or strange sounds coming from the unit.

Bad Shower Valve Not Working

You know the problem is specific to the shower if other faucets around the home have hot water. You may be dealing with a faulty shower valve in such cases. Before it comes out of the showerhead, this component of your plumbing that mixes the hot and cold water. The valve can be made to stop working properly when the small parts, such as the O-ring or washer, wear out over time and use.

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If you are having problems with your hot water coming from the shower or all over the home, there can be a number of sources to the issue that we can help you pinpoint and get the problem repaired. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing has trained and experienced plumbers on hand to help you restore the hot water back inside your New York home, call us today to get started!

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