Signs You Need a Plumber to Troubleshoot & Perform Residential Plumbing Repairs in Woodside, NY

The plumbing system in your home usually works without any problems but over time things start to break down. Normal wear and tear and an emergency here and there will put stress on your plumbing system and lead to necessary repairs. Homeowners should know what some of the warning signs are that indicate they may need repairs soon. Taking care of repairs now will prevent problems from becoming disastrous and costing you thousands of dollars to fix. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing presents some of the tell-tale warning signs you need plumbing repairs.

Signs of Plumbing Problems in New & Old Homes

1. Increased water bills. This is a pretty clean sign that you need to call a plumber. If you’re still using the same amount of water and you water bill spikes you have an issue somewhere. Many leaks occur within your walls and other areas that you don’t have access to. You may not see the leaks and you will only know about them when your water bill changes significantly.
2. Drop in water pressure. Another indication that you have a plumbing issue is a drop in water pressure. If the water pressure in your home drops unexpectedly and is not going on in other homes in your area, you need to call a plumber. It may be happening in one area of your home but if it’s happening in your entire home, you may have an issue at the water main.
3. Unreliable water heater. When the hot water in your home is not reliable you need to figure out why. There may be sediment in the water heater or in the lines of the water heater, or both. You may also have a water heater that is not sized properly for your home.
4. Stains and damp areas on the walls or ceilings. When you notice either of these issues it may be due to a roofing problem or a problem with your plumbing. Don’t make the mistake in just wiping the moisture away and forgetting about it. The leak still remains and will only get worse unless you fix. Just because you can’t see the leak doesn’t mean it’s not there.
5. Uneven water levels in toilets. Water levels that appear off is a sign that there’s a problem in a sewer line. The line might be broken, or tree roots may have interfered with it. Ignoring this problem will affect the foundation of your home.
6. Water leaks that get worse. Small leaks may be easy to overlook. The only problem is that these small leaks will only get worse. This of course leads to large repair bills and needing to replace your plumbing system sooner than anticipated.
7. Cracks that lead to more and bigger cracks in plumbing system. Cracks that you notice in your plumbing system may not seem like a big issue but will continue to get worse over time. Small cracks turn into bigger cracks. The problem will not go away; it will only get bigger.

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Don’t let issues with your plumbing system turn into a disaster. Contact the experts at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing as soon as you notice any of the above warning signs. We will inspect your plumbing system, troubleshoot your plumbing problems and promptly solve them.

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