Reasons & How to Fix a Leaky Bathroom or Dripping Kitchen Sink Faucet in The Bronx, NY

Have you ever been lying awake at night losing sleep because your bathroom sink faucet is slowing dropping? It may seem like such a small problem until you have to hear it all night. The problem is that the drip is something that you may forget about during the day but it may be a bigger issue than you imagined. One of the biggest problems that you will notice is that the water bill will start to go up. The small drips over a months time will make up quite a bit and you will be paying for it. The other issue that you may start to notice is that the sink may start to show signs of rust and other water stains. You will then be stuck replacing the sink or parts of it. It is best to know what could be causing the sink to have a leak and do what you can to have it repaired by a plumber.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Explains Why Your Bathroom Sink is Likely Leaking

Damaged Washer in Faucet: There is a very intricate part of the faucet mechanism that needs to be fitted, installed and working right. This happens to be a washer that is set against the valve seat and when the faucet is turned on it will press against it letting the water flow or stop. This washer is part of the assembly and could come across a few problems. One is if you notice that your faucet has had a drip for some time. The washer may be the wrong size for your particular faucet and just needs to be replaced. The other issue is just like other moving and working parts it can wear out over time. If this happens you may start to notice a very slow drip that worsens over time. You want to make sure that you have the sink inspected by a plumber and offer the proper repair.
Damaged Faucet Seal: Under the washer is a gasket or seal that is used to ensure the water is stopped when you want it to. The problem is that the seal is often made from a material that can wear out and start to become corroded. This is due to the water settling in and around the seal and leaving sediment behind. The sediment will start to eat away the seal and that will then allow the water to sneak through the faucet and drip freely. You can have this valve replaced or have a new faucet if you are ready to upgrade.
Damaged Faucet: This is a more uncommon occurrence but there are times that the faucet can be damaged. The metal finish of the faucet can be broken usually from something hitting it. This can leak a crack in the main part of the faucet. The problem is that this is normally not a way to repair it but will require the entire fixture to be replaced. This should be done by a trained and professional plumber.

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