Preventative Maintenance Tips in Red Hook, NY; Inspections for Worn Heating Parts, Tune Ups, & More

When the furnace is not working efficiently, keeping the home comfortable in the middle of winter can be a challenge. The good news is you can avoid many problems from evolving with scheduled maintenance by a dependable professional in addition to your own care. There some things you can try to get the furnace operating efficiently and we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing would like to share these tips today.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Air Filters: The first thing to try is checking on the air filters. Most homeowners are guilty of forgetting to change the filters. They commonly need changing every 4-12 weeks depending on how busy the household is. They should be at least checked once a month and changed or cleaned according to the manufacturer’s directions. If the furnace is not at peak performance, check the filter and change it if it is at maximum capacity.
Thermostat: Check the battery on the thermostat if the furnace is not producing heat. Simply replacing the battery may do the trick, especially for the standard models. Check the thermostat settings in the vent the blower fan doesn’t turn off or the furnace cycles too frequently. The fan settings should Auto. If it is set to On, Low, Medium, or High, the fan will run continuously. Check the thermostat’s setting to make sure it’s on Heat mode if the furnace doesn’t seem to produce enough heat. Finally check to the temperature and ensure the thermostat is set higher than the current temperature of the room.
Circuit Breaker: Check if the circuit breaker tripped or blew a fuse should the furnace stops working or the thermostat’s screen is blank. Ensure the power cord is plugged into an outlet tightly.
Decrease Drafts: You may need to simply close the windows or doors in the room if draft causes problems with the pilot light.
Furnace Maintenance Tune Ups: Tune ups should be at minimum, an annual event, preferable at the end of summer or early fall. Professional catch any potential issues and ensure the lube is in place, parts are in optimal condition, the system is cleaned, and furnace in working order, helping you avoid problems you will likely experience otherwise.
Furnace Installation: To determine the right type and size for your home or commercial space, be sure to rely on a furnace contractor’s expertise if the furnace is beyond repair.
Ignition Control or Pilot Light: Leave ignition issues to the experts that likely was the result of clogged components or faulty electrical components.
Mechanical: Mechanical failure is typically the result of worn parts. Professional repairs are advised.
Natural Gas or Propane: When you suspect problems with the gas feed or valve because of a malfunction with the gas pressure regulator, call a professional for help.

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If you are experiencing problems with the furnace beyond the thermostat and filter issues, a professional is the safest, most cost-effective option to ensure your furnace is able to provide the comfort you need. Call Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing and let our professionals do the rest.

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