Furnace Repair VS Replacement in The Bronx, NY? Age of Unit, Cost of Repairs & More

There are quite a few homeowners that might find themselves in a predicament with the furnace, giving them pause as to whether repairing the furnace is the better option or of replacing the furnace is money better spent. With furnaces often coming with a bigger price tag than what most are ready to spend, many will sink money into a furnace that will sooner be useless. To help people better consider their options, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing would like to provide some information regarding replacing verses replacing the furnace. Though these are not rules set in stone, the below information are guidelines to help homeowners better decide if ultimately replacing the furnace is the wiser move or if the furnace will be worth repairing.

Furnace is 15 Years or Older

Furnaces’ lifespan ranges from 15-30, depending on the quality of the model, the year it was made and how well it was cared for and maintained. As furnaces approach the life expectancy, the need for repairs increase. Where furnaces under 10 years are usually safely repaired, anything after 10 years should be noted and if repairs happen one or more times over two years, you should consider a replacement.

Cost of Furnace Repairs is More than Half of the Cost of a Replacement

It is recommended by experts that any repair exceeds 50% of the cost of a replacement, a replacement is in your better interest. However, furnaces that have operated through over 75% of their lifespan should need repairs of 1/3rd of a replacement cost, the replacement is your better option.

A Rise in Operating Costs

Due to the changes in weather patterns as well as the supply and demand, your heating costs can be expected to fluctuate year to year. Should you see unusual spikes month to month that coincides with your furnace, however, you may have a deeper underlying issue. As the furnace ages, the internal parts wear. Additionally, the furnace will experience common wear that impact moving parts. A simple replacement part may be enough to bring down the energy use, and as long as the furnace is under 15 years old; anything older should be considered for a replacement.

Furnace Carbon Monoxide Levels

With long-term exposure, carbon monoxide, known as the silent killer, can potentially cause fatalities. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless poison gas. Typically, the most common reason is a cracked combustion chamber, but others can be culprit. More often than not, when the furnace starts to produce carbon monoxide, the unit should be replaced for safety and in most cases, it is a necessity. Having a carbon monoxide detector can help prevent exposure, however, the following are the signs of prolonged carbon monoxide exposure:
– Furnace burner flame that should be blue is yellow
– There are visible signs of excessive moisture buildup on walls, windows, and other surfaces
– The upward draft is no longer present in the chimney
– Streaks of soot surrounds the furnace
– Rusty pipes
– Manifesting flu-like symptoms such as nausea, headaches, disorientation, and other symptoms

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