Heat Not Distributing Evenly? How to Evenly Balance Your Home Heating in Queens, NY

Most homeowners expect their HVAC systems to deliver consistently even and perfect temperatures year round, though that is not always the case. You may notice that your space is not evenly heated or cooled even with the best system and the hottest and coldest days do not help in the slightest. There are several things that that are impacting the efficiency of the even temperatures. Most of the issues can be easily rectified with simple maintenance, where others may take professional assistance. In any case, not only will your home be evenly cool or warm according to the season, but there are additional benefits to taking the steps to improve this dilemma. Today, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing would like to share a few tips and suggestions on how to evenly cool and heat your home.

How to Distribute Heat Evenly in the House

1) Switch the HVAC’s fan to on. Most people keep their HVAC fan set to “Auto” thinking that the fan will only run when needed. The fan only runs when the heating or cooling kicks on. This is what is truly happening on this setting. You can help keep cooler and warmer air circulating around your home consistently simply by leaving your fan in the “On” position, and in so doing the temperature is more even throughout your home.
2) Inspect the air ducts and system for leaks. The HVAC system can have experience a lot of issues if the ducts have leaks, holes, poor connections, and kinks in them. The system has to compensate the loss, putting a strain on the system, expediting the wear and causing other areas to receive more of the cool or warm air. Additionally, the same concept applies to the loss of warm or cool air when the windows and doors need weather stripping, or the there are cracks and holes around the structure that need caulk.
3) Ensure registers are clean, open, and not obstructed. Go throughout the home and check all the registers and ensure they are not blocked by clutter and objects. If they are, make sure the stuff is removed elsewhere and keep these areas clear. Make certain the registers are open. In the event the registers are covered with layers of dirt, dust, and debris, now is the time to clean them thoroughly and make sure they are touched up periodically. When the registers are closed or blocked, the cool or heated air is redirected elsewhere, causing the uneven temperatures in the home.
4) Make certain your home is properly insulated. You might be losing heated air throughout the winter and letting hot outside air in during the summer through the top of your home if the attic is lacking proper insulation. A major temperature difference on various levels of your home could be the result of a poorly or improperly insulated attic. Ensure the insulation is sufficient, keep in mind too much can be just as detrimental and you have the right type for your area.
5) Consider installing a Zoning System. In some cases, homes improve how evenly the heating and cooling temperatures are with the existing HVAC system by adding a zoning system. It gives you ultimate control but it is a greater investment than other means of heating and cooling your home evenly and is a long term project.

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