Furnace Smells Sweet, Musty or Bad Like Burning Plastic or Hair, Gas, Rotten Eggs & More in New Rochelle, NY

There are many warnings the different appliances, electronics, mechanical, and anything else with moving parts display when there is an issue. The different components are no different. When we go to flip on the heat or air conditioning, sometimes when something is amiss, the unit will make abnormal sounds or even smells. More often than not, when the sounds and smells are noticeabe, the problem is likely excessive. Furnaces often produce various smells which indicate a problem, some severe others mild. With that in mind, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing would like to discuss the possibilities of the peculiar furnace smells.

When Furnace Smells Funny on Startup, When Running or Turned Off

There are many causes to the different smells a furnace can off-put in the event that something isn’t right. Some of the issues can be troubleshoot from home but most require the expertise of a professional. In any case, the more you can determine the issue, the more expedited the process in rectifying the problem. Furnaces that produce unusual smell often points to impending failure, an incredible safety hazard, or something less serious. Of the most common odors deriving from the furnace are burning or dusty smells, metallic, electrical, or overheating odors, and rotten egg stink; any of these smells should be investigated promptly and not neglected.
1) Dusty or burning smell from furnace: More often than not, when the furnace is first flipped on at the start of the season, homeowners can easily detect the smell dust or burning smells, which is fairly normal. Within a short time, the smell should dissipate, but in the event it persists, it could be more problematic. To remedy the smell, try replacing the air filter and allow a few hours for the dust to clear out of the vents. If after a few hours and the smell is to still present, call a professional for an inspection.
2) Overheating; electrical or metallic furnace smell: When the furnace is overheating, electrical wiring and metallic burning smells from the different components will manifest. Additionally burning rubber or plastic odors may span as well. In the event that you detect any of the variety burning smells originating from the furnace, complete the following tasks.
– Quickly, switch the furnace off as well as unplug it.
– Contact an expert for inspections and repairs.
– Monitor the furnace for any signs of potential fires or other hazards until the professional arrives.
3) Furnace smells like rotten eggs: You should be alarmed if any rotten egg or sulfur-like odors are noticed, even in the slightest. For early gas leak detection, the utility and fuel providers add the rotten egg smell to natural gas because it odorless. When there is a leak of natural gas, there are a number of hazards that can occur including explosions and home fires. If you pickup these scent it are imperative you take immediate action that includes the following:
– Rapidly evacuate the home or building with urgency.
– Once the home is clear and everyone is at a safe distance, contact the fire department and utility company for assistance.

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When it comes to detecting any smell anomalies coming from the use of the furnace, it is in your best interests to call in the professionals Agape Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing and let our specialists make the necessary repairs and adjustments.

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