Fun Facts About Home Heating in Manhattan, NY; Methods to Heat Your House or Apartment & More

With winter officially here, it is safe to say we are steadily relying on our central heating to keep us warm and comfortable. Wanting to avoid being without heat for any part of the New York winter, even in the slightest, providing your central heat with preventative maintenance is a major contributor. If you haven’t already invested in an inspection, tune-up, and/or maintenance services from Agape Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing, now is the time. Routine professional service in conjunction with your own care and maintenance can help your heating avoid many malfunctions and even extend the life expectancy. With the natural wear, moving parts and everything in between, regularly scheduled services will impact your heating well.

Interesting Facts About Heat & Temperature

In light of the heating season, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing would like to share some of the interesting facts concerning heating.
1) The average cost for running the heat in a standard home is about 30% of the energy usage.
2) The length of over 300,000 miles of the gas pipeline found in the United States welded together can stretch out beyond the moon.
3) Natural gas is one of the most common methods to fuel heating, and being that it is odorless, energy companies add the odor of rotten egg smells to allow early detection of gas leaks.
4) Only about 15% of homes utilize heating fuel sources such as wood, kerosene, and propane, but the two most common methods to heat homes is electric and natural gas.
5) Being among the top 10 causes of home fires, portable space heaters should only be used with caution. A few quick safety tips include keeping the device strategically placed 3-4 feet away from all forms of clutter, avoid contact with any kind of liquid, and never leave it on unsupervised.
6) England was the first to design and install steam-heating system inside homes simply because the Governor of the Bank of England wanted to grow grapes all year long and needed a heat source.
7) Philadelphia is the first to have a municipally-owned natural gas company, making it the longest operating public gas system in the country; which was established in1836 and is known as Philadelphia Gas Works.
8) In 1933 Ford Motor Company designed the first dash-mounted exhaust gas heaters, similar to a boiler featuring 24, 13 inch flues that featured in their V-8 vehicles.
9) Indoor heating was first developed during the Roman civilization. The “hypocaust” system which is the furnace-heated air passed through empty spaces under floors and out the pipes was found being used in several buildings throughout the Roman Empire.
10) The average lifespan of a furnace is 20 years, but it depends on several factors such as the quality of the furnace, the care owner gives, professional services it receives, and other such examples. Keep in mind however, that as they age, the less efficient they become, and more so if professional maintenance was neglected.

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