Central Air Conditioner Unit Failing in Queens, NY? AC Condenser, Expansion Value, Compressor & Other Problems

There are lots of working parts on your AC unit and your HVAC unit as a whole. All parts of your HVAC unit needs to be working in order for the house to be cooled off. There are lots of people that don’t have a basic knowledge about their unit and when there is a problem are powerless to find a solution. The great thing is that the more you know about your AC unit the better. You want to make sure you know what could go wrong and what you should be looking out for. When you know more about specific parts it can help to break down some of the most common issues that might come about. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing outlines what common parts you can have a problem with.

AC Condenser Problems

There are parts of the AC unit you should know a little about. The unit that is commonly found outdoors is called the condenser. This is the usually on the side of the house and has a casing around it to protect the rest of the parts inside. The condenser has coils, tubes, fans and of course a motor. The problem you might have with your condenser can be simple all the way to needing a full replacement. The condenser needs to have the proper amount of air flow and that can be a problem when the unit is covered in dirt and dust. This can be repaired by a simple cleaning service that should be done on a regular basis. You also want to make sure that if you start to hear sounds that are not common you have it inspected for damage.

AC Expansion Valve Troubleshooting

One of the things that has to be able to happen when you use your AC unit is the refrigerant has to be used. It has to be heated up so that the refrigerant is able to move. Then it will remove the heat from the house and let the house be cooled down. The problem is that the refrigerant has to then be cooled and that is where the expansion valve comes into play. The valve is the part of the unit that has to do that job. If the valve does not do its job it will prevent the home from cooling down. You want to call an AC repairmen to determine if this is the problem.

Home AC Compressor Failure

The other aspect of the AC unit is the compressor. It is the part of the unit that will make sure that the refrigerant is moved from a gas back to a liquid. It will then make sure that the heat it removed from the home by creating some pressure. You want to make sure that if your AC is running but you are not getting cool air coming out you have your Compressor checked.

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