Boiler Troubleshooting in Ridgewood, NY; Leaking Water, Kettling, Pilot Light Going Out & More

There are lots of ways to heat your home. The heat is something that the people in your home rely on to get through a long winter. The cold weather outside is a good reprieve from the heat of the summer. The cold weather is welcome but most people need a way to warm up when they come inside. There are several options and one of them is a boiler. The boiler is a great way to heat up a house and they tend to be a very durable option. They are known for their long lasting life span and they also don’t tend to need lots of repairs. They will need maintenance and also some occasional repairs. There are a few common problems that you may end up dealing with in the winter trying to use your boiler. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing lists reasons you may need to have your boiler repaired.

Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

One of the reasons that people need to call for a heating repair technician is when there is no heat being created. The problem many times comes when there is an issue with the pilot light. The pilot light on older units used to stay lit and running all day and night. Then when the unit started up the heat could be created. The newer models are manufactured with an ignitor so that the pilot light is not running. The ignitor will light up when the unit is about to start up. There can be a problem with the ignitor and when the pilot light is not able to start the heat will not be created. The most likely problem is that the ignitor is damaged and needs to be replaced. It can be replaced and get your home heated back up in no time at all.

Boiler Leaking Water

You also can go out to find that there is moisture or water coming from the boiler. The boiler should never have any moisture dripping or leaking from it. If you notice that there is an area leaking you need to call out a professional right away. The water that is leaking can cause major damage to the home and is a sign that the boiler is in need or repair or even replacement. The leaking can come from the main unit and usually requires a replacement. There are other parts that can leak when they are worn out like the valve, connections and pump. If you notice any level of leaking or dripping you want to stop using the unit and call out for a repair right away.

Problems Kettling or Banging

There is a problem that you might start to notice that is called kettling. Kettling is a term that is used when the boiler unit starts to make noises that it should not. You may hear banging, gurgling and other strange sounds when it is being used. These are usually a sign that there is sediment or build up in the unit that needs to be addressed.

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