When to Repair or Replace a Boiler in Oakland Gardens, NY; Maintenance Schedule, Common Problems & More

A boiler is a common heating system found in many homes. Boilers, like any other types of heating systems, will develop problems requiring repairs or even replacements. Determining whether or not to repair or simply replace a boiler can be a complex decision. Knowing when to invest in repair versus replacement leads to a number of different considerations. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing will share how to properly determine when to repair or replace a boiler.

Boiler Maintenance

Boilers like any other heating system will require yearly maintenance. During the lifespan of the boiler, it will require repairs, component replacements, or total boiler replacement. A boiler system is a major appliance that isn’t easily replaced. This is why most homeowners will often prefer to repair the boiler versus replacing it. However, as the boiler is reaching the end of its life, it will begin to develop more and more problems. Investing in repairs can become more of an investment than replacing the unit altogether.

Common Boiler Heating Problems

There are different types of boilers systems that will require different repair needs as well as a different set of considerations. Below are some additional problems with the various types of boiler systems.
Steam Boiler: Not including problems with the boiler itself, steam boilers often have problems in the steam piping system that is installed throughout the home. The pipes often begin to sag and will corrode over time. When repairing or replacing a steam boiler often the piping needs replacement or repair overtime as well.
Gas Boiler: Gas boilers often suffer repair problems such as a faulty pilot light, low pressure, rapid cycling which are all rather easily and inexpensively repaired. However, they can develop more serious problems such as gas leaks that require repair quickly. Depending on the source of the leak, it can be easily repaired, or it may cause component or total boiler replacement.
Oil Boiler: The most common boiler system repairs are leaks. The oil can leak from the boiler leaving a hazardous puddle on the ground. Leakage is often easily repaired and doesn’t call for total boiler replacement. However, it is essential to have the boiler repaired as oil is highly flammable.
Water Boiler: There are many different types of water boiler systems that are fueled by electricity, oil, gas and radiant heating. As the fuel source vary, some can be repaired when needed.

Residential Boiler Repair

Most boiler repairs are quick and don’t affect the life of the boiler. However, other more major repairs such as the tank degrading, or all of the steam pipes having corrosion and other more major repairs, the homeowner may then begin to consider boiler replacements. When a boiler is over 15 years old it will begin to develop more costly repairs. Over the course of a few years. you can spend more money on repairs than the cost of a boiler replacement. Replacing an aging boiler helps prevent additional costs on repairs that begin to add up. Replacing an old boiler with a modern one can help save money as modern boilers are far more efficient than older boilers.

Boiler Heating Repair in Bedford Hills, Manhattan, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & The Bronx, New York

There are many benefits of replacing a boiler versus repairing it. With yearly maintenance, a professional service will know the condition of the boiler and be able to better know if you will need boiler replacements. For quality boiler, furnace, air conditioning, and plumbing services, contact Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today.

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