What to Do when Your AC Unit Freezes Up, Air Flow is Weak and/or Refrigerant Line is Kinked etc in Jackson Heights, NY

When you walk out to check on your AC unit because it isn’t cooling your home well, only to find that the coils have frozen, you are experiencing one of the most common AC problems for those with central AC. There are a few causes for this problem and it’s important to understand them so that you can not only fix them, but avoid them in the first place. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is here to talk about what may be causing your AC coils to freeze up.

How to Tell if AC Coil is Frozen

If you turned on your AC and the temperature in your home isn’t decreasing, it could be frozen coils that is the culprit. It is important that you go outside and take a look at your outdoor unit to decipher whether or not frozen coils are to blame for your failed AC. The first thing you should do is check the supply registers to see if they are warm. If they are, you are likely dealing with frozen coils. To confirm this, open the panel and take a look. Sometimes you may see some ice in there, but even if you don’t, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t dealing with frozen coils. Here are some of the reasons for frozen coils.

Air Conditioner Air Flow is Weak

It is important that your AC unit has plenty of airflow. If this doesn’t happen, the humidity will settle on the coils and it will cause the unit to freeze up. The best way to ensure your AC unit is getting that ever important air flow is to make sure you are regularly changing the filter. The filter in your unit keeps debris from blocking airflow. However, if the filter isn’t changed regularly, the filter gets dirty and then isn’t changed, the air isn’t able to move through it like it should.

Common AC Problems

There are many working parts to your AC unit that can fail. You may be experiencing refrigerant lines that are kinked, fans that have failed, clogged filters and leaks that will all cause your unit to not work properly. These mechanical issues can cause the refrigerant to expand too much which allows it to become too cold. You may also have refrigerant that doesn’t have enough pressure which can also cause a freezing issue.

Should I Turn Off Air Conditioner on Cold Summer Nights?

While the summer affords us warm temperatures, it isn’t completely unrealistic to say that nights don’t get cold here and there. This is especially true in the late spring and early fall. If the night looks like it is going to bring record breaking low temps, you need to make sure your AC is going to be shut off to avoid issues.

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