What Causes a Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet to Drip or Leak in New Rochelle, NY & How Do You Fix it?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has reported that up to 10,000 gallons of water is wasted each year within a single home just due to leaking or dripping faucets. That yearly waste is enough water to fill a medium sized swimming pool. Additionally, that waste also costs the homeowner 10% extra on their water bill for that year. By hiring a plumbing repair company to repair or replace all the worn down or broken faucets can prevent the additional cost and waste. However, today Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing would like to share some of the most common causes or problems that create those dripping faucets.

What Causes a Leaky Bathtub or Sink Faucet?

Corroded O Ring – A component called the stem screw is what is designed to hold the faucet in place. It uses small discs called the O Ring. Often the O Ring will corrode or break or even become loose as is wears down. This will cause constant dripping. Once the O ring is worn down it will need to be replaced to stop further dripping and the water waste.
Corroded Valve Seat – When there is hard water, the sediment can cause the valve seat to corrode. The valve seat is the connecter between the spout and the rest of the faucet. The valve seat is the faucet’s compression mechanism which prevents water to just flow. When the valve seat becomes corroded you will need to replace the valve seat. Often it requires a plumber to replace a valve seat.
Worn Out Washers – One of the leading causes of faucet dripping is due to worn out washers. Washers begin to wear out each time you activate the faucet. This is due to the constant pressure of the water that hits the valve seat. The washer is an unfortunate weakness in faucets. However, washers are easily changed out and you can get a plumbing washer kit that contains all types of washers used for plumbing.
Improperly Installed Washers – Another similar problem that can cause the faucet to drip, even after replacing the washers, could be due to improper installation. If the washers are not installed correctly the dripping can continue. Those unfamiliar with replacing washers can incorrectly install them. For those unfamiliar with plumbing and faucets it is best to contact a plumbing company to repair the dripping faucets.
Loosened Plumbing Parts – Various parts, such as screws, washers, and other main components can become loosened from the vibration of the water and regular use. Once the various parts become loose they will need to be re-tightened or repaired or your faucet will drip water. Typically, the faucet’s spout and handles often are the first components to become loose and cause leaks. Faucet repair kits come with screws, washers, nuts and seals to repair dripping or leaking faucets.
Broken Plumbing – As faucets get exposed to water, lime and mineral deposits can cause the faucet and the various components to dissolve or break down. Especially with older faucets, they can be difficult to repair. You might find you’re able to repair eroded faucets, but in many cases, you may want to consider replacing them, especially if the faucets are on the older side. You can contact a plumbing company to inspect them. They can determine whether your faucets can be repaired or if they will need to be replaced.

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