Troubleshooting Hot Water Heater Problems in New York, NY; Orange Water Out of Faucet & More

You want to be able to have hot water in your house. There are lots of areas of life that require the use of hot water. You want to be able to of course take a nice hot shower, wash your white clothes and clean your dishes. The hot water is something that is brought into your house from the water heater. The water heater is something that is in the basement or the garage and is usually a large tank. The tank is full of water at all times and the heating element will continue to warm the water as you use it. There are also tankless water heaters that will supply the house with hot water without the use of a large storage tank. The tanked heaters are the most common and standard in homes so you want to know what the troubles are and what you can do about it. They are also the center of many home floods that take place. If there is a large enough problem the tank will empty out in your home or garage causing a flood to occur.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Lists Common Water Heater Problems

No Hot Water in House: If you are not getting hot water in your house the problem is almost always the water heater. If you are not getting enough hot water or it is not hot enough it is also from the water heater. The water heater should be heating the water in the tank and then as it is being used in your house more water comes in and is heated up. There are a few reasons that you might be suffering from lack of hot water. One is that the heater is out all together and needs to be replaced or repaired. If you are not getting enough hot water you may need to get a larger tank. The last and likely problem if your water is just not hot enough is that the temperature is not set properly. There is a gauge on the unit that needs to be set to tell the heater how hot the water in the tank should be. If the water is not getting hot enough in the house it may need to be adjusted on the tank.
Yellow, Orange or Brown Water Coming Out of Faucet: if you ask someone what color water is they will say clear or no color at all. Now when you are using your water and turn it to hot the same clear color should exist. If you are getting colors in your water such as orange and brown you want to make sure that you have your water heater looked at. The likely problem is that there is sediment in the base of the unit and that is cause rust and dirt to get in the water. It needs to be flushed out regularly to ensure that the water is kept clean and clear.
Water Heater Making Noise: If you are hearing your water heater as it heats up or when the water is filling or moving in the house there may be a problem. You should not hear any loud distinct sounds such as banging and knocking. There could be a problem with the ignition or there could be sediment that is built up that needs to be cleaned out. It is best to allow a plumbing professional to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

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