Troubleshooting Boiler Kettling Noise, Leaking & Other Problems in Springfield Gardens, NY

The cold weather is coming quick and will be here to stay for months. You want to make sure you are ready to keep your house comfortable. Not only pulling out your jackets, blankets and fuzzy socks but the boiler needs to be ready as well. If you want to keep your home warm you need to make sure your heating unit is in good shape and is heating your home efficiently. If you have chosen to have a boiler in your home as your heating unit you have made a great decision. They tend to be a great and consistent heating option. It is also a sturdy option that can be long lasting but it can still end up with some needed repairs. It is a good idea to know what the main problems are and what it takes to correct and repair them. If you notice a problem you want to make sure you have it repaired right away to keep your house warm. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing outlines some of the most common boiler problems and how to treat them.

Boiler Kettling Banging Noise

One of the problems you might have with your boiler is what is called kettling. If you do not know what kettling means than you need to understand what to look for. The term is given when your boiler has sounds that are not common and are a sign that there is a problem. Some of the main sounds you will hear can be a banging sound, or even a rumbling when the unit is being used. Your boiler should not be making these types of sounds and if it is you want to make sure that it is treated and repaired right away. The sounds that are being made mean there is a problem and that the unit may stop working. You want to make sure you call out a professional HVAC company to make the repairs. The sounds can become worse if it is not treated.

Is a Leaking Boiler an Emergency?

A leak from any appliance that is supposed to hold or move water can be dangerous. The water can create the ability for mold and mildew to grow and accumulate. The boiler can end up with a leak. This might be from the main tank which is dangerous and usually means that you need to replace the unit. It can also be a valve or a connection that has a leak that can be repaired. If you see any signs if leaking call your professional right away to avoid further damage.

Boiler Pilot Light Not Lighting Up & Won’t Light etc

The boiler has to be able to create heat to warm up the house. The boiler can have a pilot light that is there to ignite the mechanism that is needed to create that heat. The pilot light may be a standard one that stays on all day and night or it can be one that is electronic and ignites when needed. If you notice that you are not getting heat it can be due to the pilot light. You want to have a professional check the light and start it back up for you.

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