Plumbing Tips for How to Winterize a House in Springfield Gardens, NY; Pipe Insulation & More

This is the best time of year for New Yorkers to prep their homes for winter. Your plumbing needs attention to prevent a lot of issues that tend to arise when the winter temperatures drop. Below are a few basic fall preparation steps to help you prepare your plumbing for the upcoming and brutal New York winter that we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing have prepared to help the locals avoid many costly issues that can occur.

Fix Any Leaking Pipes or Other Water Leaks

The seemingly insignificant and subtle leaks that are present now, only worsen over the course of time and if the water freezes inside a pipe, it can be a severe issue. To not only avoid serious water damage and hefty plumbing repairs, get these inexpensive and small leaks repaired now. Be sure to find the source if you any moisture behind the toilet or under the sink etc.

Protect Outdoor Faucets

Use the shut off valve to shut down the outside water faucets for the season. Remove the attached garden hoses and make sure they are drained before rolling them up and storing them. Utilize foam covers to insulate the faucets and hose bibs for further plumbing protection should your home not be equipped with a dedicated shut-off valve for outdoor fixtures.

Outdoor Pipe Insulation for Cold & Hot Water Pipes

From frozen conditions, any pipes exposed to the frosty winter winds can lead to extensive damage, such as bursting. To offer them more protection from freezing, safeguard them with insulation. Wrap any exposed piping with insulation coverings by cutting the foam tubes with a utility knife for a custom fit.

Winterize Sprinkler System

For landscapes with irrigation or sprinkler systems, prepare the for the impending winter to avoid the freezing and bursting outcomes. To purge any water that remains in the plumbing, turn off the water flow and turn on the sprinkler valves.

Check Septic Tank Sludge Level

Experiencing septic tanks backing up is unpleasant enough, but especially more so in the winter. Experts recommend checking the level of waste in your septic tank. If sludge levels are high, get them drained now. In order to fix a septic tank that is backed up, professionals must dig into the frozen ground will be much costlier than having the septic system serviced now.

Flush Hot Water Heater

Failure of the water heater is an inconvenient issue, but in the midst of winter is even more so. To ensure the unit is operating to its full potential, flushing it out to remove gunk and mineral deposits is vital. Contacting your local plumber can be problematic in the middle of winter, and though flushing the water heat can be a bit difficult it is a lot simpler than waiting for assistance in the busy season.

Plumbing Inspection, Repair, Fixture Installations & More in Bedford Hills, Manhattan, Flushing, Queens, Brooklyn & The Bronx, New York

Protecting your plumbing from the frigid cold temperatures of winter is encouraged and highly recommended and the above are just a few basic steps to take to ensure your plumbing is well protected. Call Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing and our certified plumbers inspect your plumbing to find any potential problems and get them resolved now before the winter amplifies the issue. Contact us today!

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