Need for Fall Gas Furnace Inspections & Tune-Up Maintenance Jackson Heights, NY

To keep us warm in the frigid New York winters, most rely on a furnace. Like many aspects in daily life, the better something is cared for, the longer it will last and the better condition it will remain in; the same is said for the furnace we depend on. With the aid of inspections and tune-ups in the fall, your furnace can often survive the season with little to no problems. With that in mind, we at Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing would like discuss the fall services that include inspections and tune-ups to ensure your furnace is up to par.

Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist

During a professional furnace inspection, the exterior is cleaned and inspected for signs of damage. The interior is inspected with an itemized checklist to ensure the dry parts are lubed, loose hardware is tightened, and all moving parts are in excellent condition. Any residues are cleaned and the inspection tests electrical and mechanical efficiencies to ensure your furnace is operational. Along with the furnace inspection in early fall, prior to needs the furnace for the season, a tune-up services should be invested in.

Gas Furnace Tune Up Checklist

During the tune-up service, the expert will perform these basic steps in general:
Vent pipe: Evaluate the draft intensity and overall condition of the pipe.
Pilot/igniter: Performance is assessed and thoroughly cleaned.
Motors: Replace any worn belts and tighten down loose hardware, evaluate overall performance, and apply lubrication where necessary.
Furnace filters: Check the condition and make any replacements.
Flame sensor/pilot safety timer: Overall condition is checked; adjustments are made as applicable.
Controls: The safety controls, thermostat, and operational control sequence is all checked.
Combustion chamber/heat exchanger: Inspected.
Carbon monoxide: Levels of CO is checked to ensure safety.
Burner flame: Gas, air adjustment, and clean burner.
Burner compartment: Dust and scale from the compartment as well as other such components.
Blower wheel: Clean and assess the overall condition.

Benefits of Furnace Inspections & Tune Up Maintenance

Inspections and tune-ups this fall are highly beneficial for a number of reasons; below you will find a handful of examples of those advantages.
1) Minimize Furnace Repairs: With regular maintenance, heating problems could be easily prevented. With the service, professionals not only clean the equipment, but any small problems are caught before they evolve into worse problems.
2) Safety: The combustion process must be precise to maintain efficiency as well as safety, as furnaces burn fuel to produce heat. Even the tiniest of issues can blossom into gas leaking unto your home or business or even toxic carbon monoxide. With the professional tune-up and inspection service, many of these problems are discovered before the negative impacts can arise.
3) Saves Time and Money: Being proactive with your furnace and getting the inspection service and tune-up service will give you the control of scheduling as opposed to having your furnace breakdown and waiting for first available mutual time for repairs, additionally, the cost of maintenance services is far less than the cost of major repairs; saving your cash.
4) Airflow Efficiency: The technician will generally check your heating system to ensure it is receiving the proper airflow during the furnace tune-up and inspection, if there is any problems, the technician will make the necessary adjustments to improve air flow; improving the efficiency, preventing additional damage, and contributing to longer lifespan.
5) Energy Efficiency Improvement: During these services the proper steps are made to ensure the energy consumption is to a minimal, saving you on your utility bill.
6) Maintains Manufacturer’s Warranty: Most warranties are only validated with routinely scheduled professional maintenance; not only are you keeping your furnace in optimal condition, but you guarantee the warranty.

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