Myths & Facts About Plumbing in Jackson Heights, NY; Plunger in a Bathroom Sink & More

You might have some problems on your hands if you don’t know about some of the plumbing myths that are out there. These problems can be damaging and costly. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing lists the most common plumbing problems we get called out to fix.

True or False Plumbing Questions

1. Water heaters are getting ready to explode if you hear loud banging or knocking noises. There isn’t anything to get worried about. These noises occur when sediment from hard water is moving around inside the water heater close to the burner at the bottom. The noises are air popping because the air can’t rise to the top if sediment is blocking the way.
2. Toilets will stay fresh with clorox toilet tablets that contain bleach. The heavy concentration of bleach will actually destroy the inner workings of the toilet in about six months. It’s better to use toilet bowl cleaners that contain bleach. Squirt it in the bowl, let it sit for about seven minutes, scrub and flush.
3. Putting a brick in the back of the toilet bowl will save money. Bricks do not belong in the toilet. When bricks are placed in the toilet, they can break the flapper. You will have to flush more than once, wasting water. Keep your water costs lower by keeping bricks outside of the house.
4. You can flush flushable wipes down the toilet. It’s better to save your money and avoid buying flushable wipes. While they can be flushed because they are more biodegradable, they can still cause clogging issues.
5. You can ignore a leaky faucet handle. This is a bad idea. Whenever water is left to drip, you are wasting water and money. It will also cause wear and tear on the plumbing fixtures. If you can’t fix a leaky faucet, you should call a plumber.
6. Lemon peels keep sinks smelling fresh. Lemon peels will make your sink smell good, but unless you have a powerful garbage disposal, you may have problems. It’s better to use a mixture of vinegar with a bit of baking soda. Wait for the baking soda to dissolve completely and pour it down the drain to keep you sink smelling fresh.
7. You can pour hot grease down the sink because it’s a liquid. You would think that you can pour any liquid down the sink, not so. Hot grease will coat the pipes. It will then dry and can cause a pipe to burst. Hot grease should always be wiped out with a paper towel and thrown in the garbage.
8. Its okay to use a plunger to unclog a kitchen or bathroom sink. It can be helpful, but not always. You’ll need to be careful if you have a double sink. You may clear one, only to have the other one back up. This can cause splash-back that can be dangerous if you’ve poured chemical down the drain as it can splash onto your skin.

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