Losing Cold Air? How to Seal Leaks Around Doors & Windows in Your Queens, NY Home to Prevent Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repairs, Energy Costs & More

The summer is the time of year that most people use their AC unit. The air is cooled and sent through the house to get the home to a temperature that is comfortable for your family. During the summer months most people notice their energy bills go up. Although the AC unit is going to use more of your monthly energy there are some things that could be wasting it. You don’t want to waste your energy and your money so knowing where your cooled air is escaping is a great way to save money. Not only is the leaking air costing you money but it is also causing more wear and tear on your unit. This can lead to needing to replace the unit sooner than manufacturers suggest.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Outlines Where Your Cooled Air Might Be Leaking Out Of Your Home

Air Leaks Around Windows: One of the areas of your home that is often the culprit for air leaking is the windows. The windows are around the homes exterior and are placed in the cutout to be sealed up tight. That does not mean that the seals are going to last. Each window has what is called weather stripping that is attached around the outside. It is also part of the window where they open as well. The weather stripping is made from rubber and will over time wear out and dry. When this happens the stripping can start to crack and that will allow hot air from the outside in and the cold air in the home out. The air that is leaking out of your home you have already paid for and you want to keep it in the home. When the air leaks out the temperature in the home will take longer to reach the desired temperature. It then will cause the AC unit to run more often. That is how the unit will be overworked and will need replacement sooner than necessary.
How to Stop Air from Leaking Around a Door: One of the other areas that is known to allow the cooled air to leave your home is the exterior doors. There are at least two doors that exit the home and they each have similar weather stripping as the windows. The stripping is around the door frame and helps to keep the area secured. There are several ways that the doors can allow the air to leak and one is that the weather stripping will weaken. Another problem is if the door no longer fits the door frame well. The door can start to warp and the door may need to be replaced. Finally, exterior doors also have door sweeps that do more than keep out pests – they also keep cool are in and hot air out.
Broken Ducts & Ductwork Leak Air: The other area of the home that tends to leak air is when your air duct has a hole or is broken. These are harder to know that it is happening so you need to hire a professional to conduct an inspection. We can repair any areas of the duct that are leaking to help save energy and money.

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