Keeping Warm While Waiting for Heating Repairs in Flushing, NY; Reduce Stack Effect & More

Heating systems have many moving parts that wear over time. When the heat eventually fails, whether because of normal wear, or neglecting the required maintenance and repairs, being without it can be a challenge in New York, especially in the dead of winter. Though you contact a professional for assistance, many New Yorkers are in need of professional repair services, but it might take a day or 2 before help can arrive. With that in mind, we at Agape Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing would like to take the opportunity to share a few tips to keep your home warm until help arrives.

What to Do when Furnace & Boiler Heater Breaks

1) Sunlight Benefits. While you wait for your heating system to be repaired, use the sun to help keep your space warm. Let as much sunlight into your home as possible during the daylight hours. Open the blinds and curtains and allow the sun to saturate your home.
2) Contain Heat Energy. Particularly here in New York, nights can be unforgivingly cold during the fall and winter. Keeping the heat you collected during the day inside with you during the night is extremely helpful. Close the blinds and curtains once the sun goes down. Proper insulation can really help you withhold the heat, even with heat operating.
3) Change Ceiling Fan Direction. A setting designed for the winter months are frequently featured on many ceiling fans. In winter mode, ceiling fans’ blades will go in the reverse direction, which causes the warm air that is rising upward to the roof, to be pushed back down into your rooms and circulating throughout the various rooms.
4) Reducing Stack Effect. A stack effect is when the warm air rises and ultimately escapes, and the cold air comes rushing in to replace the warm air. Generally, the tall or multi-story homes are the are the most likely to have this issue. Seal up any gaps that may pull in cold air such as under your doors or your windows with weather stripping to combat the stack effect. Trapping the warm air in while blocking the cold air out is you ultimate goal.
5) Invest in Space Heaters. Potentially heating up a decent sized room depending on the heater, space heaters or portable heaters are a fairly inexpensive solution. However, it is important you take safety precautions as many homes and fatalities are the result of poorly used heaters. Flammable material should be kept away from the heaters and the heater constantly monitor them while in use. Additionally, keep the door closed for the rooms as the space heaters are designed to warm a single room and are more efficient that way. Never leave them on unattended and keep the door closed.

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