Is a Bigger Central Air Conditioner More Efficient in Flushing, NY? What Happens if an AC Unit is Too Small?

When you are faced with the harsh reality that it’s time to replace your AC system, it can be a blow. This is a sizable investment and one that you want to make sure is right for your home. The most common question that homeowners ask as they are replacing their AC unit with a new one is in regard to the size. When it comes to your HVAC system, there is no one size fits all option for homeowners. Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is here to talk about why size matters for your AC system.

Is a Bigger Air Conditioner Better

During the summer, we all want one thing…to be cool. When you think about your air conditioning system, that is the goal. Naturally, many people think that buying a bigger AC unit to replace their older, smaller one which isn’t actually going to help you stay cooler. In fact, when you are dealing with a unit that is larger than you need, you will end up losing money in energy costs. This happens because a larger unit will be constantly short cycling as it shuts off constantly when it reaches the right temperature. This might sound all well and good, but in fact, this will end up costing you more money, and it is also harder on the unit.

Effects of Undersized AC Unit

When you have a unit that is too small for your home, you have a problem much like mentioned above, but in reverse. The cycles will be much longer than they should be as your small unit tries to keep up with the demands that they heat puts on it. This is extremely hard on your unit and you will surely see your energy bills fly through the roof. Not only that, will all that time running, the unit will probably not keep your home that cool. You will constantly feel uncomfortable and will be paying top dollar for it.

What Size AC Unit Do I Need for My House Calculator

As a technician works to figure out what sized unit you need for your home, they will be following a process that uses tried and true science to determine what size you need. The first and possibly most important thing is to figure out the square footage of your home. Next, they will figure out the base BTU; which is how the tech will measure the energy it takes to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. These two factors will give you the exact sized unit you need for your house.

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