Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning in The Bronx, NY; Size of AC Units, Summer & More

There are some things that we use on a regular basis that you may not know a lot about. You just go out and buy the newest cell phone forgetting all about the times that a cell phone was only in future imaginings. The first cell phone barely made a phone call let alone gave you step by step directions to the nearest gas station. The same goes for such things like your air conditioner. What do you really know about your AC unit? You know that when you come home on a hot day the house will be cool. That is because you set the air conditioning unit to a temperature that suits you. They were not always that accessible and there is a lot about them you may find interesting.

Agape Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Lists Interesting Facts About Your Air Conditioner System

How Has the Size of AC Units Changed?: When it comes to air conditioners you can go look outside and look at the main unit. The unit can vary in size but is usually about two or three feet tall and wide. They are able to push cool air through your entire house. When the air conditioner was first invented it was not for homes but industrial use only. About 12 years later the first unit was sold to a residence but it was enormous. The unit was about seven feet wide and six feet tall! It made it near impossible for anyone to afford one and to use it at their house. There were some of the elite that could afford it and they did. They often paid up to $50,000 for a single unit. The size and of course the cost is much more reasonable now.
Air Conditioning & Summer Vacation: The presence of air conditioning did not cause people to start to celebrate summer vacation but the lack there of. When a community was in the midst of the summer months the businesses and schools were too hot for anyone to attend and that is why the would stay closed. No school and no where to work or shop left people with time to travel and celebrate. Now that we have AC we just enjoy our summer breaks in a different way. The tradition of taking off the summer has made its way all the way to current.
Air Conditioners Saved Lives: Of course on a hot summer day we all think that our cooled down house due to an efficient working AC is a life saver but there is more. There used to be many deaths that were due to heat and once air conditioning units were more readily available they diminished around 80%. This is a huge feat and is a great selling point for an air conditioner. To this day it makes places for all to cool down and more importantly elderly and very young.

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